Bare Knuckles: In a real-life legal game, players are suing EA

Now that video games are a multibillion-dollar behemoth, there are lobbying groups (for and against the industry), well-known superstar developers, mainstream news organizations reporting mergers and acquisitions, and magazines and Web sites about everything from video-game action figures to game-related news about politics and the law.

So it should be no surprise that gamers are beginning to challenge the business practices of some in the industry. Just like consumers unhappy with other industries.

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sovietsoldier3830d ago

exists when a specific individual or enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it. Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economic competition for the good or service that they provide and a lack of viable substitute goods.

sport games need to stop be given to one company. it is bad for competiton and gamers. i hope ea falls so hard!