Stone Shire, Another Minecraft Clone, Planned For Wii U

Stone Shire, another Minecraft clone being developed for Wii U, has emerged and is currently being developed by indie studio Finger Fun Games.


Correction to developer name. It's "Finger Gun Games," not "Finger Fun Games."

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AKR1510d ago

This is the beauty of Indie devs. Honestly; if we didn't have people like that, this industry would be nothing more than greed and corruption...More so than it already is.

ThunderPulse1509d ago

WiiU getting another awesome game!

MSBAUSTX1510d ago

Pretty cool. This looks better so far than the other game like this announced for Wii U.

Dunban671509d ago

Why can t Nintendo just step up and get the actual Minecraft on its platforms?!

It's on virtually every other platform conceivable yet Nintemso could not or would not do what it took to get the game on the Wii U and or 3DS

Finger Fun? Are they a nap store developer? Have they done anything on consoles before?

OverlordEnel1509d ago

It's not up to Nintendo, it's up to Mojang/Microsoft.

deafdani1509d ago

Are you seriously discrediting this indie dev for not being known? Really?

Tell me, what are the other thousand games Mojang made before Minecraft?

Yeah, I thought so.

Realplaya1509d ago

Why do you assume Nintendo hasn't tried?

Dunban671509d ago

Nintendo obviously did not try very hard- They are one of the only platforms to not have Minecraft. When time after time Nintendo misses out on key 3rd party games it becomes more obvious the problem lies with Nintendo not the countless companies that decide to either pass and or not make the Wii u a priority

Iwata said they don t want to compete and they have not on many levels

There are other games I Personally would rather have on the Wii u but missing out on Minecraft is a big mistake on thier part - IMO it will effect their future this generation and next

iplay1up21509d ago

Microsoft bought Minecraft in the last week or so. Pretty sure they won't bring it to Wii U.😀

Dunban671508d ago

You may be correct - at the very least the aren t going to do Nintendo s work for them

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Pherup1509d ago Show
R00bot1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Wii U doesn't need Minecraft, it already has two Minecrafts ;)

Haha jokes aside, this looks much better than that other clone. Hopefully these two will inspire some friendly competition between each other and strive to make the better game.

And space travel in this one? :O
That sounds promising! They'll have to do away with that skybox, though.