PALGN: Emergency Heroes Review - Rinse and repeat

PALGN writes: "We're not entirely sure why, but for some reason or another developers seem to think that Wii gamers just cannot wait to step into the shoes of a policeman or a fireman. Wii gamers have already had to suffer through Emergency Mayhem and now Ubisoft has released Emergency Heroes for the Wii. So, is Emergency Heroes a worthy title or is it about time we called the emergency services again?

Emergency Heroes starts off with a bang. The game is set in the futuristic city of San Alto. San Alto used to be a utopia, but it has recently become overridden with criminals. Players take control of Zach Harper, who was kicked of the Emergency Heroes training academy. Due to the dire circumstances Zach is recalled and his job is to take control of a police car, fire truck and ambulance and help San Alto get back to its former self. Unlike Emergency Mayhem, Emergency Heroes doesn't really contain mini games and is focused more on the driving elements of being a police officer, fireman and paramedic. The main objective in the single player mode is basically to locate problems, drive where the game asks you too, push a button or just get their safely and then move onto the next mission. Occasionally you'll come across a random mission, but these just seem to pad out the single player mode."

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