GFW Radio: The MGS4 Edition

While there's plenty of PC gaming news to discuss, the GFW Radio crew chooses to ignore most of it and instead talk about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, just like everyone else -- indeed, the entire last half of this podcast is a spoiler-filled debate about its merits, flaws, and deep, deep madness. OK, so it's not all PlayStation 3 talk: Jeff weighs in on the PC version of Mass Effect, Anthony Gallegos discusses the hardships of asking someone out, and special guest Robert Ashley challenges Jeff to a dolphin-off.

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NDN_Shadow3827d ago

And goes on for the rest of the podcast.

Brian52473827d ago

If you wanna listen to some punk bash MGS4 for an hour, go ahead and download it. Otherwise, steer clear.