Castle Storm Definitive Edition PS4 Review | GES

"Zen Studios brought us a different kind of Tower Defence or Action Strategy game Castle Storm. Now you can get the Definitive Edition on PS4 and play it like never before.

When I first looked at Castle Storm it looked interesting and different, but when I started playing this game I was Wowed and couldn’t stop playing and laughing. You are the Defender of the Kingdom, charged to defend the castle and everyone in it. Usually it is very quiet as peace was brought to the land ages ago by giving the two major realms gems of power (this you will all see when starting the game). Something is changing as a lot more enemies keep on attacking and so the story unravels. The story is quite entertaining and has subtle humour in to keep you glued to the screen, what’s even better is the fact that Zen Studios has utilized the speaker of the DualShock 4 controller. For instance when you gets a Headshot a little voice will shout and congratulate you from the controller, this I found very amusing and a great way to use the feature. The definitive edition includes the original campaign plus new content including, new battles, modes, spells and features."

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