10 Most Horrendous Video Game Sex Scenes

W: Some games manage to pull off (ahem) these romantic sequences quite well, like the celebrated multiple choice lovemaking sessions on offer in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles. Those are the top tier, though – there’s a whole lot of grubby guff to be found elsewhere. Games where the sex scenes are totally unnecessary (well, even more unnecessary), inappropriate, terrifying, or just plain unsexy. These are the ten most horrendous video game sex scenes and, it probably goes without saying, this article features a whole mess of NSFW – potentially NSFL – content. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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cleft51206d ago

Ride to Hell was one of the best, worst games I have ever played. Time well spent.

egidem1206d ago

Ride to Hell Retribution has to be one of the absolute WORST games I've ever played. I can't think of anything good about the game. Seriously.

PaleMoonDeath1206d ago

Angry Joe shredded Ride to Hell to bits, still have a hard time knowing it's out there.. and people payed for it, almost like that truck game, the type of games that cartoons like South Park make muth's about.

Deep-throat1206d ago

Someone block this crappy site.

SojournUK1206d ago

Seconded, all the sites that require multiple clicks to read should either be prohibited here or have a warning so we can just skip the article altogether...

MeteorPanda1206d ago

haha that last one, Ride to hell has sex scenes in full clothing. that crazy dry hump

ShaunCameron1206d ago

Kind of like any GTA game aside from a few cut-scenes.