Final Fantasy XV: 10 Things You Need To Know

WC: This list takes a look at ten things any Final Fantasy fan needs to know about Square Enix’s upcoming title. From the unique visuals to gameplay unlike any other in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be the developer’s bravest entry yet!

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sonypsnow1450d ago

1. Until the Demo comes out, nobody knows how the gameplay will be mostly like. So please wait. :D

DarkOcelet1450d ago

Now in this department Nomura knows what he is doing and secondly the game is open world and that is a huge plus and with those graphics , it looks like it will reveal the true potential of the current gen console because i have not seen such a beautiful graphics like those in an open world game before , maybe The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight come close but this seems like on a level of its own .

Adrian_v011450d ago

Dude, Nomura left the game 2 years ago.

Kurisu1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Remember that Tabata has taken over, apparently since 2012.

EDIT: Adrian beat me to it! *agrees*

Kumomeme1450d ago

each studio and each engine capable of pulling unique result themself

Amubher1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@Adrian and Kurisu

The teams of Nomura and Tabata were merged in 2012 but Nomura was still the director, he is the one who introduced the re-reveal trailer in 2013 at Sony E3 conference. He left the project in 2014.

Adrian_v011449d ago


True, didn't know that. Apparently he just left in September '14. Bubble vote for you!

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kalkano1450d ago

1) It's not Final Fantasy.

That's right, it's me again. I'm here all week. ;)

DarkOcelet1450d ago

So does that means you wont be buying it ? Because i know once this gets released we will be all over it no matter what we say :) .

kalkano1450d ago

Definitely will not be buying it. Not interested.

Kumomeme1450d ago

then he should not even spamming here if he doesnt care
and i bet when the came out,if he played it..even buy it for himself or get it free from somewhere or even by pirated it if there are custom homebrew in future,then that moment prove he was biggest idiot

now also already he was idiot..spamming useless stuff,and pretending to be care

kalkano1450d ago


Not being interested, and not caring are two very different things.

And, no, I will not be pirating/playing it. I will not be playing it at all. This site is the exception, but there's TONS of negativity along these lines all over the internet.

Also, if you're just going to lower yourself to personal attacks, don't bother posting.

sonypsnow1450d ago

You've made a blog before, make another, a blog that make clear what Final Fantasy should/must be(preferable in points). That would dismiss the accusation that you're a brain damaged troll from hours of turn-based grinding and Prove that you truly knows what makes Final Fantasy Great.

Making points/rules on what Final Fantasy must be/mustn't be from various comments you've given on N4G is very difficult. Thankfully You're here all week. You can give points by points, rules by rules, in a blog. Perhaps in the Future Final Fantasy will be exactly what you have told in that blog.

Be very detail, very detail like how the command menus structure should like, materia settings, etc, etc, avoid being general like "turn-based is great because its great, that's all the point I have", to avoid yourself from being a troll. Elaborate, the strategies, the tactics, the countdown, how the player should aware, react to the for they're dealing with and why it is fun.

You've been commenting diligently on Final Fantasy for nearly 2years, proof to all that you're not a troll, a genuine Final Fantasy gamer. Thanks for reading.

jambola1450d ago

I think that proves more that he's a troll if all he's been doing is complaining about it for 2 years.
Genuine final fantasy gamer or not he can be a troll that just can't gt over his final fantasy 15 obsession

Adrian_v011450d ago

He's a troll. All he cares about is turn based battle systems while he's reassuring that it's not the only thing. But it is, he's just trolling cause whenever you ask him to go into detail and state other points, he doesn't reply anymore.

kalkano1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

"brain damaged troll from hours of turn-based grinding"

Funny, since I strongly believe that turn-based games are responsible for making me smarter, as I grew up.

kalkano1450d ago

Nothing so rigid. Final Fantasy can be a LOT of things, as long as it's turn-based.

And, your post was ironically trollish, for how often you called me a troll.

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EdoubleD1450d ago

Kalkano, come on man. I know you hate this game and all but you've been at it for years. The game you most likely visioned isn't coming out anymore, I wanted it too. But I'm just going to adapt.

I'm not saying don't state your opinion, atleast make some points apart from 'The battle system bla bla bla'.

Hopefully XVI has some kind of ATB/Turn Based battle system, until then it's FFXV.

kalkano1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

By adapting, you're encouraging the industry to only make one kind of RPG: action. Do you really want the industry to continue in that direction?

This isn't about Final Fantasy XV. This isn't even about the Final Fantasy series. This is about the ENTIRE industry, and the fact that I can't get much enjoyment out of it's current direction.

I want the industry to right the ship, for my sake, for the sake of people like me, and for the INDUSTRY's sake. Because, I strongly believe they are leaving massive profits on the table, out of ignorance.

Elda1450d ago

For someone that claims they are not interested in this game & not buying it,why do you religiously continue to post negative rants about something you have no interest in??..that's because you're clearly obsessed with FF-XV & you're probably going to buy closed.

Kumomeme1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

1. you dont know what final fantasy is
2. the developers had years experience developing final fantasies..from producer to staff which is had years of experience developing final fantasies..surely their know exactly what define final fantasy is..their also fans..which is play and also develop it
-Before they even had talk about this..few developers like kitase and nomura had pointed few points what make the game is worth calling final fantasy..and they really got point...surely you didnt read this somewhere
3.this is merely you opinion due how you view things and what you see and what you didnt see..lot of people disagree with you and agree..but mostly are disagree

4.stop being ignorant proud spamming the same comment every week..nothing you can use pushing it by just showed how idioty immature ignorant like someone who got culture shock..i expect you should do something more worthy than this if you really care

if you think this are not final fantasy..dont play the game when it out,dont even bother buying it or even getting it for free or even get glimpse of these from various media..because for you this is not final fantasy..then why bothered yourself?
or you just arrogantly doesnt want to admit it in the end?we'll see when the game came out...

Magicite1450d ago

How is it not Final Fantasy? Because its not like previous ones? Time moves one, tech progresses, devs want to implement new ideas. It still has most iconic FF attributes, like behemoth, chocobo, cid (hopefully) and so on.

And stop commenting about this game if your not interested in it. Pathetic at its finest.

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Eonjay1450d ago

1. Its actually coming. /what you need to know.

Kurisu1450d ago

Looking forward to the extended demo of FF Type-0 and XV tomorrow!

N4GDgAPc1450d ago

SE is doing a longer live stream of there TGS showing. It's 10/2 7am EST. They say it will have more information about FF15 supposedly.

g4n1450d ago

8 years in development and they are 55% complete. I don't know how "stunning" this will look in the year 2022.

Kumomeme1450d ago

years of development trolling surely getting outdated

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