Activision Pays the Wii some attention...Finally

Activision is finally giving Wii the attention it deserves with Guitar Hero 4.

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Aaron Greenberg3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I hope it's not in only Mono.

BrotherNick3831d ago

lol, drank your haterade this morning? Anyways it's nice that we're getting more than just plug in peripherals.

PR0F3TA3831d ago

there getting DLC and they act like they have somewhere to store it lol

PS360WII3831d ago

Well GH3 did sell bucket loads on the Wii so I can see why they would want to do a good job with the new version. I do like how the Wii Remote is used with the instuments to make them wireless :) that was a slick idea