Is Mojang Releasing Scrolls on iPad for Just $5 Wise?

Mojang has revealed that when it's collectible card battling game Scrolls comes to tablets, it will be dropping the price significantly from the current PC version. A post on the Scrolls website reasons that, “our current price of $21 isn't feasible for tablets... Free-to-play would be an option, but we’re not keen on the way that form of monetisation can affect gameplay.” That much makes sense.

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SlappingOysters1539d ago

I'm glad its not F2P, but I do wonder if the every growing amount of non-tablet games (like BioShock recently) going to tablets is having an effect on the audience and who is playing on iPad.

shipnabottle1539d ago

Given App Store pricing I think it's very wise. More people will buy it who otherwise might have sat on the fence. Plus smaller screens kind of lessen the experience in some people's minds, so the price drop justifies it to those people.

$5 is a nice round number for the App Store. Premium without being PREMIUM.