6 Reasons Why T-Bone From Watch_Dogs Bad Blood Is Just Like Trevor From GTA V

"It appears that Ubisoft are hoping T-Bone can take watch_Dogs towards a new direction. With the game having just launched, I quickly downloaded it to share my initial feedback. From first impression i can see T-Bone is really a lot like Trevor, Rockstar's crazy wild man from Grand Theft Auto V." -

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ginalee5541204d ago

I started playing though the first act of bad blood todays. Its pretty good, just wish i didn't have to unlock everything again especial the music and cars.

edwardhuff6631204d ago

Not surprised Ubisoft taking inspiration from rockstar's character. Anyone is better than aiden.

danniellelewis1204d ago

Haha the similarities are very apparent.

lisamorgan41204d ago

This was much better than the main game itself. T-Bone remote control car is awesome, especially during scene's at the mansion.

TongkatAli1204d ago

I heard the DLC is amazing.

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