Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MP Hands-On - 8BitChimp

8BitChimp's Theo Hamilton says, "Coming into this year, SledgeHammer Games was faced with one of the biggest challenges ever for a Call of Duty developer: making the game exciting again."

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RobAlmighty1509d ago

I am happy to hear people saying it feels like Black Ops 2. It was so much better than Ghosts.

Predaking771509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I hope this game turns out to be good. Ghosts was a big disappointment.

There are a lot of good games coming in the following months.

How are we going to have time to live our lives? Too much good games


BurntWolfAnkles1509d ago

Thinking about picking this up, haven't played COD since black ops.

AiirJordann231509d ago

It looks like it feel like bo2 with a little twist. I notice this the first mp trailer they showed. To me, ghost felt like it was rushed but I hope this one is a good one. If not, im taking it back to get something else. Can't wait to test out the exo