PS3 Fanboy: Third time's the charm? PS3 outsells Wii for the third time

PS3 Fanboy: "The PlayStation 3 has outsold the Nintendo Wii worldwide for the third time ever for the week of June 7th to June 14th, according to VGChartz. This is the seventh time the PS3 was able to outsell the Wii in the US while in Japan this was the third time. This is likely due to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, an incredible deal on the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle, and the Walmart deal that included a $100 gift card with the purchase of any PS3. Those of you who were very lucky were able to combine the aforementioned deals. Naysayers like to attribute the Wii shortage in the US for the PS3's triumph, but this time around the numbers are worldwide.

Is the third time the charm? Will this usher in an era of PS3 dominance? What do you guys think?

[Thanks, Trevor!]"

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eagle213827d ago

Word to ya motha. LOL :)

gotgamedotcom3827d ago

yea I attribute PS3's spike in sales to MGS4 but I do see PS3 staying on top of Wii. The only reason Wii has sold so much is because it appeals to so many casual gamers and non-gamers. Think old-folks homes where ppl play Wii golf like crazy. Maybe once PS3 builds a killer library of games it will overtake 360, but the online interface for PS3 doesn't hold a candle to Live so it's doubtful. 360 wins this generation.

boodybandit3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Just what N4G needs.

back on topic.
Hopefully this is just the start of things to come for Sony.

mikeslemonade3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

You guys all know my favorite system is the PS3, but PS3 outselling the Wii is not going to continue. When PS3 drops $50 and with the release of Resistance 2, LBP, and Killzone 2 that's when we will see the PS3 consistently outsell the Wii. That is still in question because the Wii has never met supply and when it does nothing will stop the Wii except if Nintendo themselves screws up.

And Gotgamedotcom you obviously haven't been paying attention system sales wise the 360 will be 3rd this generation and the PSN once we have the 2.4 update we will be 90% on par with the quality of XBL. If you don't mind paying $50 for XBL then fine with you because Microsoft can milk you all they want.

ThanatosDMC3827d ago

Didnt somebody say that even MC hammer couldnt give rise to the 360 sales so it's impossible for Solid Snake? I guess, they got proved wrong.

Violater3827d ago

Why do you guys care so much about sales?
Just go play your games enjoy them and stop flooding the internet with the fanboy hyperbole.
The wii is a sales monster and its best to stay out of its way and try not to look at is as a direct competitor.

RememberThe3573827d ago

I think a lot of people just want their favorite console to win. But there are a lot of people who look at it as; If the company is doing well they will have more resources to invest in the system. I'm not saying thats how it works cause we all know how many resources are being put into the Wii...

From the beginning Nintendo said that they're not competing directly with Sony or Microsoft.

Maddens Raiders3827d ago

I'm glad as hell that the Triple is doing well. Grown men gamers have know that the Wii sux forever despite the fact that my girlfriend loves it, so I guess it's good for something.

- Peace

Ben10543827d ago

2007......Getting known
2008......Outsells 360
2009......Outsells wii
2011......passes Wiis total sales

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INehalemEXI3827d ago

MGS4 is so good. I can't wait for some MGO expansions.

ThanatosDMC3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I hope they dont charge more than Warhawk's expansion, and hopefully, each expansion is worth it. (eg. new gameplay mode, new character models, new maps, etc.) But i'm hoping that they let us control Metal Gears on a versus mode deal!

INehalemEXI3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Metal Gears on each team in MGO would be great Team red+rex vs Team Blu+ray.

A Raiden suit and his sword would be nice too. Beast models for the Ladygamers too :D

SmokingMonkey3827d ago

can anyone name any good Wii games coming out this year?

can anyone name any good PS3 games coming out this year?

but i bet the wii will still outsell the others for the next year, i would love to see the PS3 finish them off. i would rather play HAZE over wii fit any day. go figure?!

cmrbe3827d ago

not be able to consistently beat the wii but i would imagine for here on, the PS3 will widen the gap with the x360 further monthly until next gen comes. The Wii is still 2 times cheaper and such its still pretty hard for the PS3 to catchup. Things could change drastically when the PS3 hits 299 and the market is saturated with the wii which i suspect would happen in another 2 years max. The PS3 only just warming up. As great a MGS4 is. FF and GT are much bigger franchise that will see PS3 sales skyrocket though the roof. Wii gamers will most likely upgrade to the PS3 as well later on because the PS3 is not only caters for the hardcore but also the casuals. Being the only console this gen with the new standard movie format will also help alot.

DrWan3827d ago

But i think analyzing things from a logical standpoint, PS3 sales are good the first two weeks of MGS4 releases, but after that there is nothing else to sustain its level and it's more expensive price point as well. There are still alot more "casuals" than MGS fans in this world. Which i think it's somewhat unfortunate because consumers drive the market, and if all we have is casuals then that means the gaming industry is taking a step back to the 80s where we play simple games like space invader and pac man all over again. No one will make expensive game because the mass market (casual) will not buy it.

I hope the industry doesn't go that way, because if it does it is very sad.

karlostomy3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

After the next two weeks it will be very telling what the sales drop back down to.

If the PS3 can sustain its (extraordinary) MGSIV sales, or even just 2/3 of that, then we'll see the ps3 winning.

But my guess is, it was a sales spike which is unsustainable. In fact, people had been holding off buying a ps3 it seems - for the MGS IV bundle. Now the pressure is released - who will buy ps3s now?

Come to think of it - is MS releasing Gears of war II as a bundle with the Elite/pro? That would be a smart move. Just imagine it with a 360 price drop too.


RememberThe3573827d ago

If you look at games like COD4 you can see that the hardcore still can sell. The people making these games are gamers, and I'm sure they want to make games that they'd want to play. The Wii isn't going to ruin gaming hopefully it will open it up, I don't really think it will, but hey I'm never optimistic so I thought I'd give it a try. Just remember that Hardcore gamers will always drive the industries core. When all the casuals go home we're the only ones who are going to remain.

tetsuhana3827d ago

The people holding off for the first big JRPG. WE are the ones who will buy the PS3. The pressure is far from released, there's freakin ton's of it everytime a JRPG is announced for the 360.

RememberThe3573827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Dude thats f*cking Hitler. WTF.
Anyway,let me explain the price drop thing. In economics theres this think call supply and demand. When two similar products have different demand curves the two curves make what is called a "kinked demand curve". This basically means that if one of the companies lowers its price the other will follow suit. If you already new that than I totally just waisted my time. But anyway, That f*cking Hitler dude. Come on get rid of it. lol, I guess I got Makaveli so I can't really talk (Hopefully you know who Machiavelli is or that didn't make any sense).


karlostomy3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I like my avatar.. it always gets a good reaction, from people who like to judge without thinking.
I think I'll keep it forever.

Plus.. it's supposed to be funny.
I'd explain it, but then it wouldnt be funny anymore.
Look closely. Maybe you'll get it...

FYI,I DID know about supply and demand.
I didnt know about makaveli. Is he related to Tortellini? ;)

REbirth3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

yeah...the thing is... hitler always had a good taste for technologies and market.. look what he did with the beetle... the most sucessful car mean... if he is holding the ps3...u probably think it will be the most sucessful console ever...right? if so...seems u are right

karlostomy3827d ago

Hitler also created the autobahn network and rallied a severely depressed German economy and morale. Will he do the same for SONY?

What a national hero!
Let's put him back in charge of PS4!

errr... i mean crazy KEN

/end srcsm

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