LittleBigPlanet dev chats about story mode, adult content, and Sackboy plushies

For the latest episode of the PS Nation podcast, PS Nation chatted with Media Molecule founder, Mark Healey. He previously worked on Rag Doll Kung Fu, before moving onto the hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive, LittleBigPlanet.

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DrWan3827d ago

They say, "they went as far to establish us a studio."

Is media molecule owned by Sony? did Sony fund the studio? what are the chances of MM working for things that's non-playstation.

If anyone has any detail, let me know :)

El_Colombiano3827d ago

Media Molecule is not owned by Sony, and this is their first game besides Rag Doll Kung Fu. Now, as we can all see, Little Big Planet is going to be one hell of a game and I bet Sony will take Media Molecule under their wings as they seem to be a valuable asset to what the Playstation brand represents, innovation.

DrWan3826d ago

With This game they can make 1st party cameo on it, that means there will be a Mario Kart like game where u will build ur own tracks for sure after LBP is done. There will be Sackboy Racing...and then Sackboy Brawl? lol..who knows

cmrbe3826d ago

idea Wan. We could basically create all those Nin games like mario kart, wii play etc as levels in LBP. Imagine that.

eagle213827d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

@BlackIceJoe....nice article find.

This game is brilliant, etc., etc. Media Molecule is about to be a household name.

Hell yeah I want a Sackboy plushie. Shooooot... :)

Seraphim3826d ago

Hellz Yeah is right. Sackboy Plushies!? Sign me up. I'll take a regular and a Helghast... ;)

NO_PUDding3826d ago

I want a Wander From Shadow of the COlossus one!

Gotta be possible with 1st part inclusion.

So essentially, the studeio they are in, and the IP, is owned by Sony, and Sony treat MM right, so will they stay or go multiplatform after this contract has run out (1 exclsuive title)?

I hope it continues, even if they are one horse wonders, Insomniac and these guys (althoguh Resiatcne does nothing for me) seem to ahve great community spirit.

PS3's horizon is now lookign undeniably bright.

cmrbe3827d ago

i never thought about the story. Perhaps its should be as simple as Mario considering that this game is for everyone. Perhaps Save sackboy's parents. It would be cool though if they get some Sony first parties baddies to be level bosses. Just looking at the Killzone sackboys shows that this game is really only limited by a persons imagination. Great stuff MM.

badz1493826d ago

there will be a lot of these sackboys and I will not be suprised to see many others like Snake, ratchet, master chief, mario, samus - all in sackboy form! more like UTIII but kiddie! wow, LBP will be one hell of a game! i really hope it won't dissapoint!!

BISHOP-BRASIL3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Did you guy said SSBB (Sony's Sack Boy Battles?).

Edit: Any ideas to those creative tools now? Don't get happy just yet, my idea, try to get it and I'll hire Achmed to kill you.

BkaY3827d ago

luv the killzone sackboys...

they look sooo bad--asss..

badz1493826d ago

it's like how can it be so damn cute when it looks so damn bad-asss! that's just so unfair!! I want LBP now!!

cool83827d ago

looks like the game is going well with tons of surprises.

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The story is too old to be commented.