Falling Skies: The Game Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

Hardcore Gamer: TV shows rarely get video game adaptions (with perhaps the exception of Cory in the House), so it's a bit surprising that Little Orbit has given the treatment to Falling Skies.

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techie0151535d ago

I thought this was Xcom.... :S

hazelamy1535d ago

that can't be right.
no, i just don't believe it.

a game based on a tv series, that actually looks pretty damn good.
did i wake up in bizzaro world today? ^_^

seriously though, that looks great, i'm sure in the hands of a big publisher this would have ended up as a brown FPS, this looks much more interesting.

i'm seriously tempted to get it when it comes out in a couple of weeks here in the UK.

Kingdomcome2471535d ago

I love this show. I wish that next season wasn't the end.

saber000051535d ago

True, but at the same time... I rather have a GOOD series end well, like Fringe, than dragging it out until the show is crap. :P Deff. a good series. My favorite character is Captain Weaver. For some reason, I feel like he may die in the very last episode, due to a lot of foreshadowing I've seen during the series... Hope not though.. :(