Today is the Last Day to Redeem Your Free Mario Kart 8 Bonus Game

Hardcore Gamer: It seems like just yesterday that Mario Kart 8 was released, but in reality it was May 30.

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BLKxSEPTEMBER1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

That was the first thing i did when i got MK8. Picked up Zelda for free. Cant get much better than that.

Foraoise1510d ago

Not seeing it. How do I do this?!

Allsystemgamer1510d ago

Through club Nintendo. You register the game and it gives you the option.

Foraoise1510d ago

It didn't. Apparently I had to register my game before the 31st of July though. So that's probably why it's not working. I got it early August.

Thanks thoguh!

GamingSinceThe80s1510d ago

I already owned all the offered games,so I traded In Pikmin 3 at Gamestop for $40 and put it toward MK8.Then got it as my free game again I even kept the box so I can remember I still own it.

InTheZoneAC1510d ago

you don't know what games you have on the wii u storage?

JackieDrunken1510d ago

Cool! I just bought WiiU Mario 3D bundle (on sale for $274) and bought a copy of Mario Kart at Best Buy! I'm new to console (I have PS4) and don't know much about the games yet. What games out of those freebies would you guys recommend?? Only played Mario 3D for hour but loving it! Thanks!

BigPimpin1510d ago

Same here man bought mine a couple a days ago bought the super mario 3D world bundle it's a good console. OT: so this is just for those that own MK8? :( when I bought the system I just had enough for the bundle picking up MK8 in a month or so. Well I hope you guys enjoy what you pick up for free.

marloc_x1510d ago

Windwaker HD. A great adventure in this title!

eworthington01510d ago

Whoa forgot this was still going on.
Get to it!

higgins781510d ago

I almost forgot that when I purchased and received Mario Kart 8 (at launch) I received a FREE game as part of the package, in my case Wind Waker HD. Bargain of 2014 to say the least.