Canadian Dollar Hits Steam on October 7

Although every country loves to be represented, perhaps this is one case where it's not desired.

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ValKilmer1508d ago

This is terrible news for Canadians.

TXIDarkAvenger1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Well shit.

I'll be buying less games in the upcoming sales then.

ChaosKnight1508d ago

Unfortunately publishers will most likely take advantage of setting the prices $5, probably $10 higher.

BattleTorn1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

As a Canadian I hate this shit!

The companies are always so two faced!

They'll cite the disparity of the Canadian dollar to the American dollar whenever they need to raise the prices. (see: PS4 cost $449)

But, whenever the dollar rises to parity, they'll cite the 'cost of business' in needing to maintain the high prices.

F'ing one way street, that is consumerism.

At least I got to pay $59.99 for inFamous:SS (February) before Sony hiked the prices on PSN. Though I have nothing to say about Sony, cause they honored the high CAN$ for a very long time, where as on XBL I was paying tax on top of points for years!

I also buy from because charges multitudes more for the same items! (too bad video games are omitted from shipping to Canada, from

Mega241508d ago

WOW, I didn't know this was that serious. So game at retailers are more expensive? If so, by how much compared to the U.S.A.?

BattleTorn1507d ago

As a article mentions, usually about $10 more.

Digital prices were slow to catch on, which is why Destiny Guardian edition actually saved me money!

Like I said, Amazon.CA charges insane prices.

ShaunCameron1508d ago

<The companies are always two faced!>

Not exactly. Companies charge what they charge, because let's face it! Canada's market size is just too small. They have to sell it at a higher price to compensate for the generally low sales volume to break even since they have less people to sell their merchandise to. You can also add protectionist Federal business regulations that shields domestic distributors and industries from competition which is supported by unions.

SteamPowered1508d ago

The article states that this may cause some disparity between US pricing and Canadian. If they simply convert the dollar to US funds like ebay, then there shouldn't be a problem. If they try to tack on another arbitrary number to the cost, well that may cause problems. Hopefully they get it sorted by October 7.

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