The Best Boss Fight of All Time

A discussion about Kombo's favorite boss fight of all time! What's yours?

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steck673830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I like all the boss fights in SoTC. Although thats what you basically do in the game, but still it's awesome.

SilPho3830d ago

TO THOSE PLAYING MGS4: Many of the posts below contain minor boss fight spoilers, so if you're still playing through MGS4 you may want to stop reading comments here.

As for my favourite boss fight, defeating 20 Metal Gear Rays in MGS2 on Extreme. Followed by the fight with Liquid in MGS1, just because of the memories associated with it.

gaffyh3830d ago

True SotC had great fights, but it had to because it was a boss fight game.

I liked the final battle with Liquid in MGS1, although pretty much every boss fight in MGS1 was great

Kami3829d ago

MGS4: the last battle...yeah it was epic and cinematic and awesome and i cant describe it.
MGS3: Vs the END. that sniper battle was just something i liked
MG: of course the "HOly sh*t, whats happening?, I cant do anything!" battle with Psycho Mantis.
MetalSlug2: The last boss
KH and KH2: sephiroth, it was just hardcore.

gaffyh3829d ago

I didn't find fighting the End so great, so every time after the first play through, I just killed the End after an earlier cutscene so I didn't have to fight him.

jollygoodchap83829d ago

I didn't bother fighting The End.

I just set the internal clock a week ahead and he died of old

bozobucketeer3829d ago

I liked this boss because I shot him in the head while he was in his wheelchair earlier in the game, resulting in no lavish boss fight. I thought that finally having the option to kill a boss earlier in the game to be awesome.
@1.5 I didn't know you could kill him with old age, that's awesome.

ThanatosDMC3829d ago

Yep, MGS1 Solid vs Liquid all time favorite.

Then MGS4 Solid vs Liquid again.

But it's Dante vs Nightmare III that takes the cake on Dante Must Die mode!!! One hit and you're dead.

xionpunk3829d ago

Respect to Thanatos for playing DMC on Dante Must Die mode. I played on hard and barely made it through.

sticky doja3829d ago

Mike Tyson's punch out, no contest.

Scrooge3829d ago

I agree with sticky doja, Mike Tyson was menacing to even look at. Runner up is M. Bison. Looks like everyone is on a MGS high right now.

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IzKyD13313830d ago

many people would agree on this, when i tell people this fight can last over an hour on hard, they tell me "that sounds long and boring" but you have to experience the fight first hand to find out how fun it actually is, during the fight, you have to worry about your stamina, and you have to kill animals and what not just to survive

Nineball21123829d ago

I'm playing through MGS3 currently and I am just getting ready to start this fight with the End. It was getting late last night, and I knew I wouldnt' have enough time to finish this part... and I saved the game here.

I'm looking forward to this fight! :D

LJWooly3829d ago

You know if you save the game during the boss fight, then set your PS2's clock a year into the future, when you load your game, The End will have died of old age, and you'll win the boss fight.

I've never tried it, because I don't know if you get his camoflauge if he dies of old age. I wouldn't imagine you do, since you'll have taken the easy way out...

IzKyD13313829d ago

you only need to set it 7 days into the future

ThanatosDMC3829d ago

Why would you want for him to do something so cheap? Do you not like the challenge of an old relic of a man pwning you?

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Conan9973830d ago

I'd have to say its a close one between Dark Link from OoT or The End from MGS3. The Dark Link fight was so good, yet The End involved so much patience.

Polluted3830d ago

Can't think of a favorite boss fight off hand. Maybe Tiny from old school Ninja Gaiden 1.

The article got me thinking, though. Does anyone remember the last boss in Rise of the Triad? Man that took me a long time to figure out.

Wise Rant Monkey3830d ago

<Rise of the Triad! I remember that game kicking so much ass when it came out!)

ngg123453830d ago

All the other mgs4 bosses sucked, but this one was so awesome, that it deserves to be mentioned.

socomnick3830d ago

Yea Laughing Octopus was a great boss fight in mgs 4. I liked when she turned into the mark 2. :) The worst one in mgs 4 was the crying wolf one jesus that one sucked so bad. The other two were pretty horrible too.

steck673830d ago

Yea, Crying Wolf was kind of boring, I was expecting it to do crazier stuff. Laughing Octopus was the best.

ELite_Ghost3830d ago

crying wolf was dumb, she should have charged at snake instead of...?

Fanboy Slaughter3830d ago

I gotta disagree. Up to this point, the most fun boss fight, albeit not very epic was.....


The fight between Metal Gears REX and RAY, that was the sh!t.

MisfitSmurf3830d ago

Crying wolf battle on the boss extreme is insane. one to two shots and your dead. My favorite would be Virgil from DMC3, Sephiroth from kingdom hearts or Liquid from MGS4 (just the feel in that fight felt epic)

Britjadg3830d ago

in any MGS series its gotta be REX vs RAY, that sh1t was just too fun! though taking on the Boss in MGS3 was as Epic as any fight with liquid.

personal favourite of mine though is officer tenpenny from GTA:SA that was a truely mammoth ordeal.

ThanatosDMC3829d ago

Yeah, Rex vs Ray was awesome... everything between the Solid's and Liquid's warpath was getting destroyed!

Oh yeah, i forgot how the Boss ownt me in that battle! Extreme mode was a pain!

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