Windows 10 Mock-Up Shows How Xbox One's Interface Could Look in 2015

Today Microsoft announced Windows 10, creating just another running joke in the industry by skipping Windows 9 altogether. Besides the gaming implications of the new operating system, which are currently unknown (gaming was mentioned only in passing in today’s presentation), there’s something for Xbox One users too, in the form of a Mock-up of the possible Xbox One interface.

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Xsilver1507d ago

Windows 10? how the hell did they go from 8 to 10 then again Ms went from xbox to xbox 360 all the way back to One because traditional counting is too mainstream.

Abriael1507d ago

The same way they went from XP to Vista to 7 :D

4Sh0w1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Windows 8.5...

Windows 9....

Windows X....

No, they went with Windows 10, I hear the logic is because it's a huge jump from Windows 8 in that it's built from the ground up for ALL devices, 4 to 65 inches. I think it's mostly a marketing trick to create buzz.

The bottom line is a number doesn't mean much after the initial introduction= Ultimately the OS will be judge based on how user friendly and reliable it is.

So far the marketing scheme looks like it's working though, everywhere I look people are talking about them skipping to Windows 10...which nobody saw coming.

UltimateMaster1507d ago

Because Windows 10 is so much better than Windows 9. lol

XBLSkull1507d ago

Looks great, the more like a PC experience the better. Love the snap/multitasking feature - I can't hardly remember what it was like without it, like way back in 2006... or when I turn my PS4 on lol. I'm loving unified Microsoft stuff, Windows Phone, Surface Tablet, Windows 8 Laptop, Windows 8 Gaming PC - everything works fantastic and is seamlessly integrated. This Windows "10" mockup is great and hope they do something similar because they are killing it. I think a multi-monitor PC setup can't be beat but they are doing a hell of a job to make it a similar experience. Not perfect but it is always improving, and I would take it over the Steam "Big Picture Mode" any day. My multi monitor gaming PC setup is great but honestly doesn't belong in my living room. Xbox is giving me the best entertainment experience catered to the living room. Can't do everything my PC does but it does exactly what it needs to in the "relaxing on my couch with a controller" setup. The only thing that is missing is being able to buy a disc at the store and getting the benefits of a digital copy like no disc swapping, I really wish they would have done that... oh wait...

badz1491506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

number sequence doesn't mean shit to MS anymore! their "ONE" came 3rd after "360" like some have mentioned below.

jumping from 8 to 10 shouldn't have surprised anybody at this point! I myself was kinda expecting they would call it Windows 30 considering next year will be the 30th anniversary of Windows 1.0.

Perjoss1506d ago

"the logic is because it's a huge jump from Windows 8"

unlikely, when has there ever been a huge jump as far as windows is concerned?

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WitWolfy1507d ago

Wanted to say the same thing.

r1sh121506d ago

8.2 is 9 I think.

Having watched the preview last night and being already in the Microsoft Partner program, We got the preview builds today.
Ran it and installed, seems exactly as they describe.
Its a mix of the best from win 8 with win 7.

PCBOX1507d ago

Agreed from 8 to 10 sounds weird!!! Why not a 9 in the middle?

UltimateMaster1507d ago

It's from the same company who called their 3rd console, the Xbox One.
They just can't count. jk

Mikefizzled1507d ago

Penguin are going to hand you legal papers over stealing their joke.

uth111507d ago

This is the same company that thinks One > 360 and designates the third release in a product line

Gh05t1507d ago

I blame Don Mattrick for that and most of Xbox Ones generational short comings.

Death1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

It's the same company that does things their own way? PS3 sounds greater than Xbox 2. It implies a generational gap instead of a succession in consoles for each company. As for Windows, they have never really followed any model as far as names go. We've seen Windows, Windows 2.0, 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, ME (Millenium Edition), XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now for whatever reason the commercial name will be Windows 10. It's been Windows Threshold untill today. Many of the beta names are better than the release name. Vista was much cooler when it was Longhorn. If I had to guess Microsoft wants to put as much distance between Windows 8 which has been a commercial failure as possible. It's marketing, not logic.

uth111507d ago

Yes, that was their logic for going with the 360 name, and then they go and turn that reasoning on its ear with the Xbox One. They worry that the consumer might assume that PS3 > XB2, but they don't seem to worry about the casual consumer getting hopelessly confused by their product naming?

I still have trouble keeping the Windows release names straight, and I follow this. I pity the consumer who doesn't really follow this and have to try to sort it all out!

Death1506d ago


Once again, you are trying to find a reason for a marketing term. The Xbox One is the "one" console that does "everything". I think it's a horrible choice, but at the same time I don't really care. Xbox 3 would have had the same problem as Xbox 2. Calling it Xbox 4 would be blatantly misleading.

To the average consumer Windows 10 is the new OS. They aren't looking for logic or reasoning behind the name, it's simply the new OS. Apple names their OS after big cats. Makes no sense, but it's what they do.

Here's the history on Windows:

OS1- Windows 1.0 (82-85)
OS2- Windows 2.0, 2.11 (87-90)
OS3- Windows 3.0, 3.1, NT (90-94)
OS4- Windows 95 (95-98)
OS5- Windows 98, 2000 Professional, ME (98-00)
OS6- Windows XP (01-05)
OS7- Windows Vista (06-08)
OS8- Windows 7 (09-11)
OS9- Windows 8, 8.1 (12-15)
OS10- Windows 10

Please don't ask me how Windows 7 and Windows 8 are off a generation. I can guess it is due to the fact Vista and 7 share the same kernel. Vista was a commercial failure so they reworked and re-released it as Windows 7.

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Gh05t1507d ago

I know its a long shot but my theory is it has to do with having products already called windows 95 and windows 98.

Adding windows 9 to the list of released products looks messy.

I do wish they would explain why they chose to skip 9 though.

Bzone241507d ago

^This is what I was thinking.

r1sh121506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

windows 1, 2,3 etc.. all taken.
Then came 95, 98, Me, 2000, Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 8.2 which is really 9...
So the next one is 10

@Gh05t - they did explain it, watch the video

-Foxtrot1507d ago

Windows 10?
"Counting Up"
"7, 8, 10"
"Just Kidding"

-Foxtrot1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Oh come on's a SPACEBALLS reference

Damn kids and there over used CGI crap.

gangsta_red1507d ago

Well if you take a look at the promotional piece it says:

One product family, one platform, one store.

So traditional really has nothing to do with it just good 'ol marketing know how.

Magicite1507d ago

Windows X would be better.

Metallox1507d ago

X today reminds me more of JRPG games rather than an OS.

Gh05t1507d ago

Yeah who would name their operating system OS X.... Ohhhh wait... APPLE!

Apple would probably sue them for that "X"

AsheXII1507d ago

Ida say the name of the OS is the least important thing regarding this article.

On topic: Looks pretty awesome, i hope it makes the transition to the X1.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1507d ago

10 = 10 types of device, laptop, tablet, phone etc...

Still, it should have been windows 9 or windows 1 imo

FanboyKilla1507d ago ShowReplies(1)
MeliMel1507d ago

The "One" is for all in One functionality of console. Had nothing to do with how they

Also its not out of the norm for MS to do this with the OS. Did we forget Windows 2000 or XP what about Vista(ok we can forget that one)...but yeah, this no biggie.

Multiplatguy1507d ago

If it was called Xbox 1 then you would have a point, but it's not using the numerical figure to show it's chronological order, it's using the word: One like a sub title. Which makes sense since it's motto was "All in One"

Even if you don't like the console, company or name. It's not as stupid as you all make it out to be.

BitbyDeath1507d ago

Because they wanted to distance themselves from 8 and 9 was still too close.

ITPython1507d ago

Hopefully 10 does it right. MS had their 'every other failure' with Windows 8, so based on their history of sucess-fail-sucess-fail, Windows 10 should be a success. Although by the looks of the mock up photos, it's just Windows 8 all over again with the lame touchscreen interface UI.

Azzanation1507d ago

MS are giving Windows 9 away for free to Windows 8 owners.

Kidmyst1506d ago

Considering every others windows release suck VS the one before it, they know 9 will be better than 8 so they make you buy 10. this way you an't compare it to the better version it was supposed to replace. For me 7 is better than 8.

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CaptainPunch1507d ago

That's what was on the site, I can't do anything about the quality.

badz1491506d ago


what are you? blind? that's clearly 792p!

Gh05t1507d ago

How is this different than how it looks now... I mean its a little bit different but not by much.

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SteamPowered1507d ago

Im not digging the "mobile first, cloud first" 'approach from Microsoft on this gen of Windows. I can get a similar Os across all plats, but Mobile First? Anyone that actually uses a Pc for work Does Not want another windows 8 cell phone-esque approach.
I wish Microsoft would get their heads out their butts and listen to their customer base instead of their shareholders.

AD7051507d ago

Agreed. On a phone or a tablet windows 8 is not bad at all. But on a laptop or any kind of computer it's horrible. Now with windows 10 it is barely any different from windows 8. What was so bad with what they had with XP or windows 7? I would appreciate windows more if they dropped the metro UI shit.

donthate1507d ago

Most newer laptops has a touch screen that enables you to use it more like a tablet. I find myself often touching the screen instead of using the archaic mouse/touchpad.

Some things are better with mouse/touchpad, others touching straight onto the screen.

Software_Lover1507d ago

There is a desktop mode my friend.

joeorc1507d ago

100% Agreed, I have many Android devices, many legacy palm and pocket PC devices and have some windows phone devices also the Nokia 521 for instance may not be the top of the line windows phone but it is a dual core 1 GHz with a Adreno 305 GPU inside with 8GB of on board storage with a Micro SD slot for up to native 64 GB SD card storage the OS runs very clean and is a good OS for mobile phones and tablets. Even now you can get one for $49.00 or less even free well worth the price and that is no contract.

But as a desktop OS , I would agree unless its desktop screen is also touch and can be taken with you like a large screen

Even then the windows 7 feels for the end user in the people I talked with in repair situation s that they just feel that windows 7 is more to the OS environment that they want.

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