FF13 december in Japan, demo at TGS writes: "An EA employee over on the Neogaf forums are reporting a number of rumors regarding Final Fantasy XIII. EA and Square Enix have a good relationship so chances are these rumors are true.

* "FF13 this December in japan."
* "Mark my words. FF13 this December in japan. Playable demo this year at TGS(which I am going too) and playable demo for japan right before release."
* "This game will not have a WW release due to localization issues. It will hit japan first then NA/ EU the following year but within the fiscal."
* "It could but the impact of the game will not be as huge. The game must hit japan this xmas to keep the current interest in Japan. This is the reason why SE will own this TGS."

This is pretty exciting news for us Playstation 3 owners and RPG lovers. I hope all this is true."

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eagle213834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

How an EA rep knows anything is beyond me.... I believe the game will release worldwide at the same date or week.

BUT, what if...... :)

mikeslemonade3834d ago

That just sounds way too early. We are getting a demo by the end of this year if lucky.

season0073834d ago

it makes me wonder the credibility of the post tho....

Even if you were someone who know something about the issue, will you talk about the game and at the same time say things like " well maybe the game suvks so they are gonna publish it early.."

i don't think so

TOSgamer3834d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but there has never been a worldwide release for a FF game has there? FF12 hit Japan in Mar and showed up in Oct of the same year.

Nathaniel_Drake3834d ago

They were Square EA before so maybe there are ties still left from that merge

sonarus3834d ago

Japan getting it by xmas = HUGE holiday for PS3 in Japan. WKS may want to wait till after final fantasy before releasing they could probably double their sales on that. They can use the extra time to target a world wide release

cmrbe3834d ago

PS3 games are multi-region but i am not sure about voice over or subtitles for FF13.

@Ramzadazle i didn't know that Square and EA merged before.

Light Yagami3834d ago

I hope it's true. It will be the best Christmas ever, but it will kinda overshadow Last Remnant, well not that anyone cares since it's the 360 version thats coming out.

Tidus113834d ago

didn't they come out and say they were gonna try and have a WW release???

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Counter_ACT3834d ago

Even if this forum member is from EA, why or how would anyone from EA know what Square is doing? Fake.

ActionBastard3834d ago

EA used to be in a joint venture with Square. 2 companies: Square EA and EA Square. Employees on the Redwood City campus are sure to still be in contact with former Square EA/EA Square employees.

Isaac3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Nobody in Japan is going to give a damn about it if FFXIII is launched in december. But that is a nice move by Square anyway, since Last Remnant will sell in the west because the fanboys will love how it is a timed exclusive.

"EA and Square Enix have a good relationship so chances are these rumors are true. "

Since when?

badz1493834d ago

there is no way they're going to sacrifice any game of their own for the sake of fans! Last Remnant and FFXIII will be released in a certain time gap between each other! they want both games to sell weel not only in certain region, but everywhere!! maybe they'll release Last Remnant first and FFXIII later on! but I personally think they should concentrate on FFXIII more because it will be their 1st game on PS3 and fans of the series will be seriously pissed if they don't release it sooner! there are a lot of them out there waiting for FFXIII and they want it NOW!! FFXIII will be selling big time around the globe!!

Peekay3834d ago

didn't Square come out and say that from the beginning of 08 ALL games would have simultaneous ww releases. I'm pretty sure this is gona apply to what...oh thats right, two of their biggest releases ever. I don't see them going back on this. I'll take the word of Square over an EA employee any day.

meepmoopmeep3834d ago

yeah, that's what i thought as well. hopefully this person is wrong about the ww release deal, but right about Dec. 2008 :P

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