Capcom to add more white enemies in RE5? writes: "According to the latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine (UK) Capcom are to add more white enemies into Resident Evil 5.

A lot of gamers were very unhappy and felt Resident Evil 5 is racist towards African people."

"maybe this is one of their 'big' E3 announcements?"

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pwnsause3829d ago

facepalm./ seriously what is the big deal of this? how is this game racist

rosebowl233829d ago Show
kingOVsticks3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

oh your a perfect example of what I was talking about in my last comment.You are ignorance

thenickel3829d ago

"black people are cry babies just like gays and jews. they think the world should change just to make them feel better. like if everyone owes them something"

I'm just going to ignore that racial stereotypical comment because you have no idea what your talking about. You obviously need some prayer and need to understand that just because you see things the way you do doesn't mean that you speak for white people.

Fallen_Angel3829d ago

Actually black people are cry babies they are throwing a huge fit over there being african in africa. They are still throwing a fit of things that happen over 200 years ago. They run around saying the N word all the time then they get all up set if anyone else says it. If anyone is racist it be them.

thenickel3829d ago

Well I have many black friends that never use the N word and can see that you have an issue with African Americans simply because you are saying they all are cry babies and complain about the past when thats not true at all. It's funny how some of you people stereotype about blacks always complaining when your the ones complaining nonstop about black people.

kingOVsticks3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

That is a extremely misinformed comment First please look up the word racist,secondly slavery some what ended in 1865 when the 13th amendment to the Constitution was ratified by the states I say some some what because of the convict lease system aka debt slavery that didn't end until 1928.Finally I'm black but I don't go around saying the N word nor do I cry about slavery I rarely even see blacks how you put cry about slavery. Just some are outspoken and wish that slavery were mentioned in today's history books and not just apart of black history but as American history be it good or bad...(sigh why do I even try sometimes)

@The Nickle glad to see someones here who doesn't go on baseless stereotypes

MicroDeath SoftStar3829d ago

nothing wrong with being racist as long as your a equal opportunity racist and hate on all races , personally i hate all colors (including my own ) :P

003829d ago

Wait are you saying ALL black people are crybabies.

Fallen_Angel3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )


If you dont ever see blacks crying about slavery then I suggest turning on a TV. They are on there all the time crying about how they want to be paid salaries for slavery. Not that any of them were ever slaves or how about affirmative action (you know the law where you have to hire people to stupid to do their job just cause they are black) you cant bring up that topic with out some black person bringing up slavery.

Oh as as for your bull sh!t about them not teaching about slavery. That funny cause I never took racist history............... oops I mean black history and I know about it. It was in our books and studying it like we had to study about indians/native americans. Hell we did far worse things to the native americans then slavery too and yet there no native americans history month. Because unlike blacks they dont go around crying about it all the time

Btw no idea what your point with the dates was slavery ended in the 1800's it 2000's thats 200 years


@00 no didnt say all were but a lot are or the fact that have to change the game just to make them happy pretty much proves it

kingOVsticks3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

"f you dont ever see blacks crying about slavery then I suggest turning on a TV"

There it is the kink in your armor, all you know about black people is what you see on tv. Obviously either you have little to no interaction with black people or you are just too close minded to see that everything you see in the media isn't true.

"paid salaries for slavery"

what the hell are you talking about? The 40 acres and a mule thing? you know not even the slaves got that and no blacks people don't want increased salaries because of slavery >_>

"affirmative action (you know the law where you have to hire people to stupid to do their job just cause they are black)"

Affirmative action was originally attended for white women in the mid 1900's. It was never exclusive to black people thats that thur media liein to ya again I recon -__-

"Oh as as for your bull sh!t about them not teaching about slavery. That funny cause I never took racist history............... oops I mean black history"

hahahaha dude the more I read your comment the funnier it becomes I loled xD "oops I mean black history". Okay come on now seriously US history is mostly white history just because its not called white history or WET or White history month doesn't mean there isn't. White history is year round guy and yes the history books are lacking in depth content of slavery other then a few pages here and there not a lot mention of slaves and their contributions for Americans. Also how many Native Americans do you see on the daily basis?There are in the extreme minority if you haven't notice.Also did you some how forgot or lack knowledge of the fact that the seminole Indians received a million dollar settlement from reparations? Or the fact the Japanese have received reparations for WW II for the property they lost? Or the Jewish for WWII. Yet blacks have received absolutely nothing despite being enslave on american soil for 400-500 years. Maybe that's why you see on tv some black people so called "crying" about slavery?

and since you refuse to inform yourself of what it means to be racist here it is

Racism is a belief system or doctrine which postulates a hierarchy among various human races or ethnic groups. It may be based on an assumption of inherent biological differences between different ethnic groups that purport to determine cultural or individual behavior....

or for the simpler man

racist:based on racial intolerance;

Stereotype: A word that can be a conventional and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image, based on the assumption that there are attributes that members of the other group hold in common

"Actually black people are cry babies"

Prejudice:making a decision before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case or events

"you know the law where you have to hire people to stupid to do their job just cause they are black"

hmm i'm done man I said what I feel needed to be said this is my last comment to you on this topic.If still doesn't make you at least "think" that you may have been wrong then there no getting it trough you, may just be stuck in your ways. No hard feelings either way mate

Polluted3829d ago

@Rosebowl and Angel: Wow. Just wow. I think the racist douchebag zone is over to the left.

jadenkorri3829d ago

getting upset cause a game depicts a white man killing black zombies in Africa is utterly nonsense... The game wouldn't be wrong if it were white zombies, problem is the game is set in Africa, where the population is mostly African... If the game was based in US and killing black zombies then it would be wrong, but the setting of the game is in Africa, so majority of the zombies should be black... BTW people its possible that black people are not getting upset, for all we know some white guy out their is starting this up, or is concerned how the black community will react... Even if you get upset no matter what color you are, its a game get over it, I have never seen Germany get upset with all the WW2 games.....

thenickel3829d ago

Your racist we get it and honestly I don't think anybody in the right mind would ever take you serious. God loves us all so if you can't except that then it's your own loss not the black peoples.

MAiKU3828d ago

The fact that a game company has to go to such lengths as to "please" a minority over a setting that probably has some other meaning to the whole plot of the game is just ridiculous in every way. If you look at this and let it go on it's own accord it could be a very unique game that visualizes a whole new type of fear into the genre, but sadly things like this will ruin the original concept and probably make the game end up going in a different direction then what was intended.

I don't like resident evil games, but i do view this as a smack to the gaming industry. We don't deserve something like this and if anyone really cared so much they've would've AT LEAST take a look back at the previous titles and realize that calling the next game of the series some sort of "ethnic cleansing" hate crime is just stupid. This whole argument is stupid. Games aren't made for racial radicalists, just for people who like to enjoy games and nothing more.

season0073828d ago

there must be white in there, even if the game is set at ASIA, there must be black and white in there...this is beyond ridiculous

Only if the background is set in America, there will be a diverse enemies i guess....or HAWAII, but then we will have to mix someone looks like a mix so opps, we don't offend the mixes..

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Torau3829d ago's not racist when all the zombies are white or Hispanic, but make them all black and then it's morally wrong!

socomnick3829d ago

Yea im hispanic and did not find resident evil 4 racist at all. I actually liked killing the those zombies I laughed at the remarks such as cojelo which means grab him but nowadays means bone him. This whole resident evil 5 drama is just because a bunch of people decided to once again play the race card.

Light Yagami3829d ago

I agree. I had no thought of the "zombies" (I forgot how they're called in RE4) as hispanics. I just thought of them as monsters. People should do the same for RE5. Its just a game. Get over it.

Daishi3829d ago

That's why they call them special interest groups, because their interests are "special"... Next they'll claim tetris is racist because there aren't any "black" peices. I just hate the fact that they have to spend development time on "adding" more diverse enemys instead of tweaking and other things, but this does show Capcom's integrity and desire to right what may affect some peoples gameplay experience. Bravo Capcom and screw you Jack Thompson and friends.

dinkeldinkse3829d ago

So they were saying "bone him" in reference to Leon in RE4. That's awesome.

Zool 083828d ago

Well I'm a black 'African' man and I see nothing what so ever is racist about this game. One foolish womans comment about racism in the game shows she has done no research about the game or the series.

Of course you'll have some racist bigots that'll be looking forward to playing this game for obvious reasons but I doubt that It'll encourage racism in general, so to my white brethrens and gamers alike I'd advise you to take this nonsense with a pinch of salt and look forward to getting this game.

NOTORIOUSzeke3828d ago

Maybe it has nothing to do with African Americans considering there more than likely aren't any in the game. Don't forget that African is not synonymous with Black. Last time I checked Africa was a continent with many different ethnicities inhabiting it. I had an African friend in high school and he was white.

Linzoid3828d ago

In San Andreas you play a black guy going around killing people mainly white people but that didn't cause any racist comments from white people. Racism probably wasn't even thought about.

RE5 is not racist, you expect to see mainly black people in Africa. Ok in South Africa there are a lot of white people, but the trailer for RE5 didn't look to be anywhere near South Africa and more likely in a small village in Kneya or Ethiopia.

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Polluted3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

This is bloody retarded. The game takes place in Haiti. Why would there be tons of white people running around? I think the very suggestion that the whole racism controversy could have been avoided with a black protagonist is actually kind of racist. Why is it better for a black guy to shoot other black guys than it is for a white guy to shoot them? And how does placing tons of white people in the middle of a country where realistically you wouldn't be likely to find many white people make a game less racist.

I guess if Resident Evil 6 takes place in China or something we can expect to see tons of white zombies running around. Unless it's Ada Wong shooting at them.

Capcom should just stick to their guns on this one. These racist allegations are completely groundless.

Edit: And whoever wrote that Gamespot quote from the article needs to go play RE: 4. Doesn't sound like they know what direction the series has taken recently.

Peekay3829d ago

i agree, but you do know that it's been confirmed that it takes place in Africa. Something about the origins of life and the virus.

pwnsause3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

they stated that it takes place in africa, the reason why they picked africa is because the origin of life was in africa, life started in africa

Polluted3829d ago

Whoops. I remembered seeing somewhere a while back that it was in Haiti. Well I'll leave the post as is, just replace Haiti with Africa.

kingOVsticks3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Im not saying its better it personally doesn't matter to me either way but its because of past history with whites killing a large number of blacks.Especially in Africa since people like Mussolini sending those soldiers to Ethiopia or the Dutch when it was setting up the apartheid in the process would slaughter countless Africans.There always the scenario that if it was a black protagonist they'll bring up genocide and black on black crime but lets be honest alot less white (yes white first guy to bring this up was a white author) and black people. Hope that may have cleared up some things this is getting really dumb well dumber btw

Polluted3829d ago

Actually I think N'Gai Croal was the first one to bring it up.

GiantEnemyCrab3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

kingO that is actually an interesting point. I wonder if the antagonist was an African American would it then be OK?

I really think N'Gai was the first to bring this up and guess what color he is? Race card confirmed. I don't here him blabbering on about all the white/brown people you kill in the Call of Duty series. I mean is there even an African American enemy in it?

All I know is when I'm playing a game it is just like in real life, color doesn't matter. When I curbstomb you or snipe you from across the map white, black, brown, yellow you are going down. =)

kingOVsticks3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

noo that was just a few weeks ago actually I'll give you a link to one of the first authors... here ya go one of the first ones on N4g at least then there also Yahtzee who mentioned that uncharted was racist before anyone even noticed. Also there being shows like X-play saying it will raise some problems.

"All I know is when I'm playing a game it is just like in real life, color doesn't matter. When I curbstomb you or snipe you from across the map white, black, brown, yellow you are going down. =)" Couldn't of said it better myself good comment Giant spoken like true gamer :D

Edit:@giant 0.0 I Stand corrected.... well I throw away my earlier comment about a white guy noticing first its kinda effed up but I just want people to see that its not just black people crying foul that's all:)

GiantEnemyCrab3829d ago

King0: If you look at that article you pointed too it says this:

"It's several months from release, and Capcom's survival horror romp, Resident Evil 5 has already stirred controversy. When its teaser trailer debuted last year, the website Black Looks attacked the game for encouraging hatred against Africans. "

so it sounds like "Black Looks" was one of the first to start this.

"Start them young… fearing, hating, and destroying Black people."

Give me a break!

allforcalisto3828d ago

it's "AFRICA"

Haiti is in the carribean if i'm not mistaken.

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BkaY3829d ago

man im so sick and tied of this crap.....people with cheap mentality need to grow up a little bit... and yeah if you dont like the white dude killing a black dude in a game or whole concept of Africa then move it to Afghanistan coz lots of games are being made on so called "terrorist"..... im muslim by faith but i never get offended by the games like COD4, army of two etc... its just games man... play'em and have fun.... if u dont like it then dont play it. simple is that... i havent seen any "spanish" people crying about the RE4.... now will u excuse me i have to take my smoke break...

thenickel3829d ago

Well there have been games pulled off the shelves that offended muslims and Ghost Recon even offended Korea so I don't see why it's all the sudden a problem when people complain about this game. I personally could careless and think the setting is perfect but I'm not going to tell someone to be quite that may have reasons to dislike this game.

"i havent seen any "spanish" people crying about the RE4" So now your stereotyping and saying that all blacks are complaining over this?

BkaY3828d ago

mate im speaking for myself and myself only.... im a "gamer" i dont take these kind of things seriously... and im not being stereotype or something ... i was just giving an example.... take it easy...

_Q_3829d ago

This series has been all over the world. So everyone else can be a zombie but as soon as their black its an issue? If capcom does put more white people for that reason i'm not buying the game. The developer shouldnt need to stray from their vision just so people can feel better. Its obvious that the game isn't racist its just accurate. The game is in africa. Last I checked there were a few black people here and there(sarcasm) Is it really that believable that a bunch of japanese dudes just randomly have it out for africans? c'mon people use your damn brains.

Zool 083828d ago

Listen I'm a black man and I'm not complaining about this game and I'm sure a lot of blacks who play the RE series wont be complaining either.

This racist allegation was made by one stupid woman who obviously knows nothing about games or the series, so don't worry about what she says because she does not represent me or the many blacks who plays the RE series, just look forward like I am to the game.

NOTORIOUSzeke3828d ago

So you wouldnt buy the game because of a few white faces thrown in here and there? That's silly. If race doesnt really matter to you then you shouldnt mind, right?

_Q_3828d ago

But aimed at who ever started this stink about RE being racist for its chosen location and population of that location. A close friend of mine who loves the RE series (who is black) Is pissed that people are getting all worked up over it too. He sees it just as I Which is that complaining about this kind of crap is ignorant. Another piece of it is I'm hispanic I didn't get all stupid about RE4 having spanish zombies.

_Q_3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Dude your missing the point. I'm saying I wont own the game if the devs(capcom) stray from their vision of the game(adding white people to shut up the whiners) Because changing the game will only make it seem as if they(capcom) were wrong Which they are not. I don't care if they white orange purple or black but my god stick to the plan

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