Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Performance Guide

Nicolae Andrei at wrote:

"Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a third person action-RPG developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Most of the common elements with the Lord of the Rings series are in the title of the game. Hey! Don’t blame me. It wasn’t my idea to have a middle-earth game set exclusively around Mordor. Now that we have gotten the pleasantries out of the way let’s see this short performance guide under way."

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LightofDarkness1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Using the FEAR 3 SLI profile I get 122 FPS using the benchmark utility, Ultra everything at 1080p. My new GTX 970s are absolutely wonderful!

SniperControl1507d ago

Little of topic, i am looking to get a new card to replace my ageing 670's, is the 970 worth it or do i get the more expensive 980?

My overclocked 670's are currently getting around 40fps on ultra settings, but that 40fps is up and down like a yoyo, if i use high textures, that rises to around a stable 55fps.

LightofDarkness1507d ago

The 980 price premium makes it hard to recommend. For about $70 extra you can have SLI 970s which trounce the 980.

Plus, overclocking will get you close to or beyond 980 performance. I would wholly recommend the 970, especially as a multi GPU solution.

I bought the MSI Gaming 4G version, which has the Twin Frozr V cooler. It's factory OC'd and I wouldn't recommend it for SLI unless you have a high airflow case (I have the HAF X), standard blowers are better for SLI on air in most cases.

SniperControl1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


I have a Nzxt Phantom case with custom cooling, cool air is sucked in from the bottom and the hot air blown out of the top, also has a fan blowing cool air over the cards which exhausts out of the case via the card vents.
I already have 3 cards in there(2x gtx670 + GTX570 for PhysX) and my CPU is water cooled.

LightofDarkness1507d ago

You shouldn't have an issue with any of the custom cooler designs then. If you were planning on watercooling the cards though I'd stick with reference designs, otherwise you're good to go.

brich2331507d ago

Your new GTX 970's are a piece of shit!!! Hence why you need 2! lol just kidding.

ATi_Elite1506d ago

Gtx660ti sli 2gb vram ultra 4k I'm getting 50 fps

HD7970 cfx 3gb vram ultra 4k I'm getting 60 fps

And this is without a true multi gpu profile from shadow and without driver updates from Amd and Nvidia so my performance will increase a lot

This is not a demanding game. Looks good but not better than The Witcher 2. The 6gb vram thing is just lazy programming

LightofDarkness1506d ago

Agreed, Wicther 2 still looks a step above this. Heck, Witcher 2 at max settings stil looks better than just about any next gen game so far. Here's hoping the Witcher 3 rectifies that and claims the graphics crown.

KING851507d ago

Coming from a SLI 680 user my first question is what resolution are you playing at? If it's 1080p then I'm going to suggest no. Give it another year or two and then upgrade. I've used the same FEAR 3 profile and I'm getting 60-80 FPS playing at 1440p. Yeah it sucks that we can't play on ultra with the hd texture pack, but hey that's technology for ya.
Will you be able to sell your graphics cards in hopes of upgrading? If so then that's a different story especially if you're getting a great price for them. If not then just having them sit there (unless your giving them to face family member or friend) is kind of a waste.
On a personal note, I love playing my games on the highest setting, but I guess the only way I'll be upgrading is if I can no longer keep it above 30fps or I upgrade to 4K.

SniperControl1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I think you were replying to me, yeah i run all my games at 1080p. Using the FEAR profile didnt work for me, however using the Forced alternative frame rendering 2 both cards worked.

I have noticed lately that games are a little demanding of my cards, Watchdogs and SOM(not graphically intense) are the main culprits, however i do think that is down to poor optimising of a console port on the devs part and not lack of power from my cards.

But, saying that the 970 looks like a bargin, while the 980 looks like a pretty series card.
Also looking to put my 670's on ebay for about £100 each.

Grave1507d ago

Ya the FEAR 3 profile fix in Nvidia Inspector worked wonders for me. Im running 660s in SLI and getting great performance when before is was barely running.