Dance Central Spotlight Review {Critically Sane}

Critically Sane: "Dance Central is the game Kinect owners came to love on the Xbox 360 and Dance Central Spotlight is a great start to something on the Xbox One. However, that is all it is: a start. The $10 price tag is like a cover to a nightclub. It gets you in the door. That door of course is a great gateway to some fun dance filled nights but it can also be a costly one. I for one am on board, and I hope this new approach to Dance Central being a platform for dancing is successful because maybe it means I can get a similar delivery platform for a new Rock Band."

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Foehammer1510d ago

On average it's scoring around the same level as Destiny

CriticallySane1502d ago

That's because the games are so similar.

*Dances for loot*