GameSpy: Madden NFL 09 Preview

EA's Madden juggernaut is once again out to dominate the sports game market, this time with a few innovations made to its tried-and-true formula. This year, the big changes come in the form of the new Adaptive Difficulty Engine, as well as a host of other features designed around making Madden a more accessible, and ultimately more fun experience.

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Mu5afir3803d ago

the automation process, the players are too robotic. It's the next gen, how about making the players less predictable. Add more animations / movement and take them off the train tracks.

pologuy12243803d ago

pats should of won the super bowl

Sk8boyP3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I've been a dedicated Madden fan for a few years. Now I may not know as much as a hardcore fan who played on the NES, but I will say that the last couple of Maddens have gotten progressively worse. In my opinion '03 - '05 were the best iterations of Madden, offering a deep franchise mode, great graphics and gameplay. Now '08 is here, and boy oh boy, where did EA go wrong. They had it and just let it all go. This is by far the worst version of Madden I have ever played. It's only getting worse, the preview looked like it had PS2 player models with some weird white gloss outlining them, robotic animations, and REWIND, WTF is that! If I screw up then that's too damn bad, I screwed up! Geez, I used to love Madden. They're just adding useless features that do nothing to improve the core gameplay. :(