Avery Mathews, GIZORAMA - "When playing NAtURAL DOCtRINE, releasing simultaneously for PS4, PS3, and for PlayStation Vita, it reminded me a lot of various strategy roleplaying games that I played when I was younger – and reminded me of the parts that made me not want to play strategy games. I have since gone back and appreciated strategy games, but the PS3 version of NAtURAL DOCtRINE made me crawl back into my shell of JRPGs and other types of RPGs. In order to get everything on the screen to look somewhat pleasing to my eyes, including get rid of the horribly drawn “anime” headshots that are the default no matter what console you play on, I had to mess around in the settings for quite some time. Yet, the one thing I wish they had thought to include was the Japanese vocals; the English voices grate on my ears, especially when I had to sit through the tutorial twice, one on the PS3, one on the PlayStation Vita."

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