Alien: Isolation is Set to Prove Divisive | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Patrick Day-Childs: "Unfortunately I'm about to be the bearer of bad news. I had been very excited for Alien: Isolation but after managing to play it at EGX 2014 I must admit that I've now cancelled my pre-order. Those looking for a stellar revival of the franchise on gaming platforms following last year's infamously bad Aliens: Colonial Marines may have to wait a little while longer."

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Stuart57561510d ago

It sound to me like the level played by the author is an arcade style bonus level like the ones in Batman: AA. Rather than previewing a part of the main story arc game-play from the campaign they've showcased the extras. The quote "bonuses for successfully completing certain challenges (such as not using a radar or finding extras)" this doesn't sound like campaign at all (I hope not anyway).

However, I will be reading reviews before I buy, there will be no pre-order for me.

Really wanting this game to be awesome though.

DarkOcelet1510d ago

Its been getting mostly positive previews lately , this is the only negative preview i have seen i. Either way this is Day 1 to me .

Stuart57561510d ago

Hi DarkOcelet,

Just read a different preview that describes the exact same gameplay/challenges and the author states that it's 'Survivor Mode'. So good news.

wheatley1510d ago

Yes this is definitely a review of the Survivor Mode that was playable at EGX, and not the main campaign.

Tsar4ever011510d ago

I don't know if this guy just hating or he just being too closed minded, but he's not changing my opinion, maybe ya'll should watch this guy's little preview, at least his take on the game aspires more enthusiasm.

TheWackyMan1510d ago

Maybe you should withhold your judgement until you actually play some of the story and not some little challenge game mode. I'm going to stay cautiously optimistic about the game and I'll wait for other peoples opinions when the game actually launches.

Stuart57561510d ago

Mi thoughts exactly, Alien is THE franchise I grew up loving the most and a game that's inspired/based on the first movie on current gen hardware is a dream come true. Fingers crossed.

monkpunk11510d ago

After the great destiny debacle I will be waiting for reviews of all games from now on. Thats not to say that gaming journos get things right, but at least I'll have a better idea.

Stuart57561510d ago

Can I tempt you with some day 1 exceptions?

Uncharted 4?
Far Cry 4?
Silent Hills?
Batman: Arkham Knight?

Kingdomcome2471510d ago

All day ones without a doubt. Man, Arkham Knight...

ABBAJESUS1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Already bought the game with season pass for 70$. :)

dreamed1510d ago

Everyone to there own of course but that is a bad idea you already paid them wheres the incentive for them to give you dlc that isnt just shovelware??.

CKPan1510d ago

I don't understand...when journalists judge a game by its demo, people criticize them jumping into conclusion too fast..., but people do pre-order games based on demo...including season pass for content you know nothing about...go figure.

ABBAJESUS1509d ago

I am alien franchise fan so if there is game with xenomorph I will buy.

Inception1510d ago

"Unfortunately I'm about to be the bearer of bad news. I had been very excited for Alien: Isolation but after managing to play it at EGX 2014 I must admit that I've now cancelled my pre-order"

"The level in question was a survival mission"

Oh for f* sakes, it's only a demo of the survival mode, not the story mode :(

More and more crap journos who just want a hit for their sites :(

CKPan1510d ago

Journalists just do their job,; bring up things we need to know, whether these things are right or wrong, true or false, you need to use your brain.
We need journalists doing what they are doing now.

OB1Biker1510d ago

The very fact that he said he cancelled his pre order shows that s not serious journalism.
Also a bit fed up with all the articles just trying to push biased opinions instead of remaining open minded and trying to inform as opposed to trying to convince.

ZombieGamerMan1510d ago

Well I read this piece and it honestly was not a journalistic preview piece as he ultimately doesn't say anything to support his claims. He talks about the AI not being up to par but he gives no example of this and just concludes by saying he could have done the level with his eyes closed if he found the right sequence.

He doesn't say really anything informative or use examples to give a better picture.

Inception1510d ago


"you need to use your brain"

Are you implying that i didn't use my brain compare to this crap journos?

And yes i will be glad if the majority of video game journalist really did their job with profesionalism and less "i'm canceling my pre-order because i only try a time attack demo in a short time".

But as a gamer you, me, and other shouldn't tolerate lazy / crap journos who only care for hits for their site!