Bloodborne alpha invites for North America are going out later today

It turns out that Sony has a Bloodborne alpha planned for North America after all. This morning, invites went out for Sony Computer Entertainment European territories, and invites confirming North American participants will go out later today.

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Forn1476d ago

Oh goodness I hope I get one.

XBLSkull1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

same, just hope it isn't stupid 3 hour time frames like the japanese alpha, or ill likely be working when it goes on and it'll be a wasted code.


Get a life TROLL,you don't have a ps4....we're not stupid

rustyspoon801476d ago

Got mine in the UK, Downloaded and ready for tomorrow.

jeremyj29131476d ago

I wonder if it's all at random or based off of PSN activity or something like that.

tigertron1476d ago

If you're a beta tester than you get sent codes.

EinRobot1476d ago

Did either of you bother reading the article? It clearly states how people were chosen.

tigertron1476d ago


Just saying that if you're an actual beta tester then you get sent codes, which is one way of getting them.

Mega241476d ago

I'm too unlucky to be ever invited to a Beta, much less an Alpha. I expect to see vids of this!

DARK_FOX1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

This article is actually false I completed about 80% of the trophies on dark souls 1 and 2 for the PS3. I have never played demon souls before and I still got the beta invite.

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