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"A classic work of literature can translate poorly into a video game simply because of the many nuances and tones of the story. Characters have to be multi-faceted and memorable, and situations cannot feel unnatural or shallow. Players have to be entertained like they were when reading the book, and the environment has to be familiar and complex. The classics have to be done very well and done with respect, or else they will be judged harshly. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments breezes through the hurdles of a classic work transformed into a video game with unexpected charm and intelligence." - PSLS

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knifefight1507d ago

Please tell me that line is in the game.

Catoplepas1507d ago

If the line you're referring to is "Elementary, my dear Watson", then it's unlikely. Holmes never uttered the phrase in any of Arthur Conan Doyle's works. If the game is faithful to the novels then I suspect it's been omitted.

dyani1507d ago

He does say "elementary" at appropriate times, yes.

Wedge191507d ago

Such a great take on a classic piece of literature and history.

Catoplepas1507d ago

History? You're aware Sherlock Homes is a fictional character, right?

LAWSON721507d ago

That is true, however it is literature from 'history', which means it has some historical value.

dyani1507d ago

Historical homage. As in, the game captured that time period very well and did it justice.