Slender: The Arrival Review – Repetitious Scare Tactics - PSLS

"There’s a tall man standing right outside my window; a tall, slender, faceless man — yet he is still watching. The Slender Man, or Slenderman as he may be known, has been a bit of a horror enigma for the past half of a decade. Created in 2009 almost by accident, the internet latched onto this creepy looming figure and have subsequently imagined up a character who’s origins are now just an amalgamation of internet fiction. That’s the eeriness of Slenderman. He is moderately different for everyone and in every story. But this is also the internet, which is fleeting, and the relevancy of this creepy figure is being questioned by some." - PSLS

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knifefight1511d ago

It fits. It's amusing for a few bucks but I've got a lot of great games on my plate right now and this has trouble fighting for time.

Wedge191511d ago

Not that it takes up much of your time. It's maybe 2 hours long if you do some exploring.