Dragon Quest X producer wants game on PS4

"Dragon Quest X producer Yosuke Saito said he wants to bring the game to PlayStation 4.

During the fan questions segment of this morning’s Dragon Quest X TV Niconico broadcast, one user asked if Square Enix would bring Dragon Quest X to PS4. Saito replied that he wants to put it out.

The online-only Dragon Quest game first launched for Wii in 2012, before coming to Wii U and PC in 2013, and 3DS (via cloud-based streaming) earlier this month."

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kalkano1414d ago

Oh. Damnit. I read that as XI. I'm never going to care about the MMO...

bouzebbal1413d ago

is it the MMO? ok see you! i clicked by mistake!

nX1413d ago

Still that's good news though, what was the last Dragon Quest on Playstation? It seems like the series is finally coming back to it.

GenericNameHere1413d ago

DQXI has been confirmed for a while now, but no platforms announced yet. I have no doubt it will finally be officially announced next year, as 2016 is the DQ franchise's 30th Anniversary and no doubt will be releasing that years in Japan. Horii said he wants DQXI to be on a big screen, so either PS4 or Wii U. Considering FFXV and KHIII and DQ Heroes are going to be on PS4, and DQX on Wii U isn't exactly selling so hot, no doubt it will be on PS4. Maybe PS4 only in Japan, PS4/XBone in the West.

3-4-51413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


* Make Dragon Quest 11 for 3DS / Vita

* Make Dragon Quest 12 for Wii U/ PS4/ XB1

* Then...make a Tactics style Dragon Quest game for 3DS.

KrisButtar1414d ago

Would the game be cross platform with Wii, WiiU, 3DS and PC?

spacedelete1413d ago

they should just remaster Dragon Quest 8 and then kill off the franchise. once you make a game that great theres no point in creating more.

Paprika1413d ago

Would be great to see DQ on PlayStation again!

Darkwatchman1413d ago

If it comes to ps4, I hope they finally release it outside of Japan. I've wanted to play it for years since I've heard of its initial WiiU port for Japan.

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