Pirated video games now sold in heartlands

SIM Lim Square may once have been a haven for pirated games. The peddlers have now moved to places such as Ang Mo Kio in a bid to escape the authorities. Similar shops are also known to be operating in Yishun and Hougang.

The New Paper visited four such shops in the Ang Mo Kio central area which sell pirated goods along with the original ones. They sell cartridges that can be used to fool consoles into playing pirated games. They also modify customers' consoles to play games downloaded from the Internet.

A perennial best-seller is the R4 cartridge, one of a series of cartridges known popularly as flash carts. Such flash carts trick the Nintendo DS, a popular game console, into thinking they are real games. Users can then download games to their memory cards and play them as if they were original copies.

Many of these shops also provide pirated games for download, and sell memory cards that come pre-loaded with a variety of popular games.

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Dark_Overlord3832d ago

I see they forget to mention that it also runs homebrew, which is the main reason I got one.

G4drake3829d ago

and i will buy one because any games sold here cost above 100 bucks