GoodGameBro l FIFA 15 Review

GoodGameBro writes, "If we took a poll on what the best sports gaming franchise has been over the past five years or so on a consistent basis, my guess would be that a good chunk of the community would pick EA SPORTS’ FIFA series, most likely in a landslide. While soccer/European football isn’t as mainstream here as it is across the pond, FIFA still manages to fulfill so many different audiences, even bringing in fans that aren’t necessarily soccer fans due to its overwhelming success and accessibility. Because of this, and it’s incredibly popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode, FIFA not only remains the most successful critically, but in profitability measures as well.

FIFA 15 does nothing to stray away from this formula. The newest iteration shows true, ground-breaking innovations in the gameplay department, but in doing so, I’m starting to wonder if this is the type of game that will push more casual fans away due to its more difficult game on the pitch. While someone like me loves th...

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DualWielding1509d ago

best sport games franchise is Football Manager