VR vs. Alien: Isolation

VRFocus - E3 2014 provided a glimpse of something that many virtual reality (VR) fans have been clamouring for since Oculus VR first launched its Kickstarter campaign for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) in 2012. While the indie community has done an admirable job showcasing VR so far, enthusiasts have been pining to see what a big budget development studio could do with the technology. And that’s exactly what they got at the videogame industry’s biggest show in June as The Creative Assembly revealed a playable VR prototype of its upcoming sci-fi horror experience, Alien: Isolation.

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Khan6131536d ago

Only THIS big budget title will not be released with the VR component.

It was only implemented to show off yet more potential which they do not intend to develop or make available to the public.

Kurylo3d1534d ago

I'm sure someone is going to mod the pc version to make it work.