Mysterious Minecraft Clone For Wii U Dev Revealed as Nexis Games

Last week a mysterious press release and screenshots were sent out to various Nintendo gaming sites explaining that they were operating a guerrilla marketing campaign for a new Minecraft Clone for Wii U called U Craft. Today it was revealed that this Minecraft Clone for Wii U’s developer is Nexis Games, a small indie developer who has created several less-than-popular download titles for the latest generation of systems.

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R00bot1244d ago

No wonder they didn't announce the developer earlier, it's the same guys that made this

My excitement for this game has gone down a lot. I'll wait for the reviews on this one.

MSBAUSTX1244d ago

Yeah i will watch it closely and see how it develops. Reviews and screens will be checked as well.

DragoonsScaleLegends1244d ago

Why are the worst Indie games being allowed on Wii U? I thought that Nintendo seal meant something...

XB1_PS41244d ago

Every screen shot I've seen of this looks bad. Minecraft isn't about graphics, but come on. You can put some kind of work into the textures.

MSBAUSTX1243d ago

Mincraft looks like crap too. It is kinda the point to look retro

WeAreLegion1244d ago


The guy doing Fortresscraft could make a small fortune if he released Fortresscraft 2 on Wii U first. :) I think he's developing for PC/XBO/PS4 right now though.

XB1_PS41244d ago

You think Microsoft will let a Minecraft clone onto the Xbox One?