4 Cool Things I Learned About Battlefield: Hardline's Campaign; Dev Talks Single-Player

"While talking to Visceral Games creative director Ian Milham at the Tokyo Game Show, we got to talking a lot about his upcoming project Battlefield: Hardline. Particularly, a lot was said about its single-player experience."

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knifefight1508d ago

I'm one of the rare few that likes campaigns in shooters, so this interests me.

Dirtnapstor1507d ago

Me too, love the SP experience. Wished theyd continued the MOH series. Totally underrated.

Trekster_Gamer1507d ago

I don't think single player fans are rare at all. I am looking forward to this game!

dantesparda1507d ago

SP campaign fan here but now what i want to know is, is this game 1080p or not?