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Los Angeles times MGS4 review

If most video games are the equivalent of comic books, with their Bang! Pow! action and bright, saturated colors, then Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is more like "War and Peace." Giant, involved, plodding and, yes, at times even confusing, MGS4 will surely be loved by those familiar with the epic series. For anyone late to the train, don't even try to jump on now, you'll just end up confused and bored. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) B+/A+

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pwnsause  +   2625d ago
wait they gave nascar 09 a B+ and MGS4 a B? WTF? other than that, this is the LA times, they dont know about games, and its obvious why
sonarus  +   2625d ago
lol breathe deeply. Now think...what do LA times know about games...
Hububla  +   2625d ago
This guy dont know what hes talking about!!!
Confused and bored!? I havent played MGS since the 1st one! and i only got about half way through since my rental expired! And i still say that MGS4 is the absolute best game i have ever played! the storied not that hard to pick up if you use ur brain! what a tool
WIIIS1  +   2625d ago
It is always the same ol' predictable crap from the fanboys. Not so great score for PS3, the reviewer is a fool. Great score for PS3, they finally got it right. Not so great score for 360, proves that 360 games suck. Great score for 360, conspiracy theory.

You guys are worse than a broken recorder and a whiny ol' virgin put together.

Fact is MGS4 as a game doesn't appeal to many people. I spent 3 hours playing it last night and frankly, if not for the cut-scenes, I'd not have been impressed much. The truth is I found Splinter Cell's gameplay to be much more exciting and realistic than what I've played thus far. And honestly, how much excitement can you get from crawling past guards who patrol in circles in the same way over and over again? And the loading times and frequency of them are demerits too. Great presentation and graphics put this game above the rest, but that does not appeal to everyone.
GarandShooter  +   2624d ago
'Fact is MGS4 as a game doesn't appeal to many people'

Care to check the sales charts for your so called 'facts'

'ol' predictable crap from the fanboys'

Oh, and there are no 360 fanboys on this site responding in a similar fashion, to 360 games and reviews. Your arguments seem much more intelligent and believeable when you blast both sides for doing the same things. The way you state it, the only way you would be more visible as a fanboy is to light yourself aflame.

'For anyone late to the train, don't even try to jump on now, you'll just end up confused and bored'

Or you could download the encyclopedia and catch up on past parts of the story.

Where are all the horses' heads, I can only seem to find the other ends?
BulletToothtony  +   2625d ago
LA times???
What's next 7-11 ????
macalatus  +   2625d ago
Wrong, buddy!!

Burgerking.com will be the next to review it!
SlyGuy  +   2625d ago
I prefer
A Pizza Hut Review!
StrawDogZA  +   2625d ago
Cut-screens - damn, I hate those things ;)

I'm okay with bad reviews for games I don't like, but this guy is ignorant about MGS and games in general.
soccerstar  +   2625d ago
I love the story pic
juuken  +   2625d ago
What the hell do they know about games?
Rice  +   2625d ago
SWeet... i love newspapers that review games...i end up listening to it and buy a crap game...
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2625d ago
Yes, my dog loves newspaper too, and I'm glad for it.
rodeoo  +   2625d ago
two things
"Snake finds a rusty oil drum and studies it for about 30 seconds, looking at it from all sides. Yeah, Snake, you can hide in it, just like inside the cardboard box from past MGS games. Just pick it up and move on already." more like 5 seconds

second the last metal gear i played was on nintendo. I had no trouble following the story
Appo  +   2625d ago
LMFAO! It's official. Nascar '09 >>>>>>> MGS4!!!!
ELite_Ghost  +   2625d ago
i guess if you're retarded...
BkaY  +   2625d ago
dont they hav anything to report...
about some celebrity n!psl!p or crap like that.... now here is the idea for you "LA times" leave that "reviews things" to the game sites and mags and chase "Britney Spears" or "Paris Hilton" for some bikini shots.
Appo  +   2625d ago
I believe that is People magazine. :D
aliveinboston  +   2625d ago
Yet another mediocrity trying to get famous.
Another mediocrity trying to get famous by being controversial.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2625d ago
Funny way to try and lower MGS4 metascore on N4G, posting Comic Book reviewer's review of the game... Sorry, but no one cares.
INehalemEXI  +   2625d ago
You could say MGS was confusing pre MGS4. MGS4 is very explanitory and ties the story together well.

They even have a database on all things Metal Gear now. Not to mention you can buy the previous 1-3 MGS' in a cheap Essentials collection.

MGS4/MGO should be played by every and I mean every serious gamer. If you don't dig Stealth at least rent it.
PoSTedUP  +   2625d ago
word. how do i get the mgs database?
Bubble Buddy  +   2625d ago
kk, I love Lakers too, but a loss is a loss. Don't need to hate on MGS4.
The Lazy One  +   2625d ago
If you're going to post something, post it neutral and then criticize it in the comments.

Putting a picture like that in is just juvenile.

"Oh my god, he disagrees with me! I better post a picture that makes him look dumb! teehee..."
Maddens Raiders  +   2625d ago
Hmmm....I can't wait to read -
George Bush's review of MGS4.

PoSTedUP  +   2625d ago
^for real.. lets get NY times up in this b*tch also.
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supahbad  +   2625d ago
heh, so where's this uhhh, "metal gear"? i wanna play it, does Iraq got one?

haha G.W.bush he is a metal gear, the patriots used him as a WMD lol
steck67  +   2625d ago
L.A. Times...?
ActionBastard  +   2625d ago
I don't think we should dismiss the review so quick, simply because it isn't a 10. LA Times reviews movies, books, electronic devices and yes, games. While I whole heartedly disagree with his scoring and 3 paragraph review, for a person who obviously has no appreciation for the MGS series, a B isn't bad. Not bad at all.
Telmarine  +   2625d ago
Still not as shocking as the Fox News GTA IV review, I mean, they rated it out of 4!
SnakeShady  +   2625d ago
this is the worst review I read in my entire life. Who wrote it?
I wanna know! Timmy from South Park?
PoSTedUP  +   2625d ago
TIMMY!!! hahahahah.......funny sh*t dude.
Bubble Buddy  +   2622d ago
ahahaha, TIMMY! TIMMY! Probably Jimmy wrote it trying to be funny.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2625d ago
My first Metal Gear game of any kind.

It gets a 10 from me, no questions asked.
kingOVsticks  +   2625d ago
perhaps the worst grade Known to students who deserve better in this case MGS4.WHY NOT JUST GIVE IT AN A-!!!WHAT MAKES NASCAR SO EFFING SPECIAL!? FORKING NOOBS!(the mgs fanboy in me)The LA times are dead to me>_<
GarandShooter  +   2624d ago
And all this time I thought high-brow LAers considered NASCAR a redneck sport that was beneath them. I'm glad to finally see some love.
Mutley416  +   2625d ago
I`m running out to get Nascar 09!!!...LMAO-
mrdxpr   2625d ago | Spam
ceedubya9  +   2625d ago
No shock here
Metal Gear Is an acquired taste. You either get it, or you don't. You either love the cut scenes or they bore you to tears and kill the experience for you. MGS4 is straight up fan service, and 9x out of 10, someone that hasn't been sticking with the series from day one will probably not get it. The game isn't for everyone, but as a fan, I'll be damned if this isn't an A+ game in my eyes. It gave me everything I wanted in a Metal Gear game and then some.
Silogon  +   2625d ago
Morons should be locked up when review time comes around. Seriously. B+ constitues lesser games, Gaylo, ASS-Effect, Queers of War. Games like that. Mgs4 is an event that no one should miss. Don't listen to these jerk spurts.
fufotrufo  +   2625d ago

DTClown  +   2625d ago
I guess if you came across STAR WARS for the first time
during the Empire Strikes Back, you probably would be confused to. That's why you go rent or read up on the previous installments BEFORE you experience the 4th! What a douchebag!
yamamoto114  +   2624d ago
The thing about cutscenes, like studying the oil drum, I can understand. Some of the cutscenes, especially "that one extremely important character who I won't spoil" repeating the exact same line several times at the end of the game as he lay dying, were grueling, retarded, and clearly padded for pacing.

But the controls? HARDER? Are you KIDDING ME? Metal Gear 4 has the BEST controls compared to the other games. The control schemes of the old games were beyond retarded, and Metal Gear 4 fixed everything, even if it had to borrow a couple of its aiming mechanics from Gears of War and Advanced Warfighter.

Someone needs to, you know, NOT review games.


...though I have to say, Archaic Bastard DOES make a point.
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ignoramus_dinosaur  +   2624d ago
@ yamamoto114
"...especially 'that one extremely important character who I won't spoil' repeating the exact same line several times at the end of the game as he(?) lay dying, were grueling, retarded, and clearly padded for pacing."

Don't you realize that this was intentional on H. Kojima's part? It was clearly to add some realism to the situation as 'that one extremely important character who I won't spoil' is very old and she (hopefully this doesn't hint too much at the character's identity) probably has Alzheimer’s disease. That would explain the repeating of redundant repetitions that were repeatedly repeated over and over until the point that you begin to look around for the caves that must be causing all the repeated echos.

On a serious note, yes yamamoto, that was very annoying to say the least and somewhat undermined the overall impact of what was still a very enthralling plot point (climax?) for any true MGS fans (at least IMO).

Maybe this scene suffers from the "lost in translation" epidemic that is seemingly impossible to entirely cure? It's hard to be sure, but I think that there are a couple of cut-scenes in MGS4 that might qualify as such. Yet, I still find this to have the best (deepest) story of any game that I've ever played and, given all MGS4's other strengths, that is a true testament to Kojima's (and his teams') diligence and sheer tenacity for excellence.
babananaman  +   2624d ago
''MGS4 will surely be loved by those familiar with the epic series. For anyone late to the train, don't even try to jump on now, you'll just end up confused and bored. ''

really? well i can honestly say that i was NEVER a fan of the MGS series in the past but i bought MGS4 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE every second of the game and the long cut scenes (which are reminiscent of manga flicks i watch and love and are similarly somewhat confusing and over dramatic and equally very very entertaining to me).

i dont know what substance LA times put in their crack pipe but im a non fan of the prior MGS's and i'm NOT bored nor confused. on the contrary.

i havent felt this way about a game since i played the first God of War in terms of the 'OMG and WOW factor.

LA times is entitled to their opinion and whatever, but it doesnt mean their right.
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antt3  +   2624d ago
I'm no Fanboy, but...
They got this one wrong.

Listen. i don't give a crap about the scores games get in reviews. I'm not foaming at the mouth over each and every PS3 game that gets a bad score (and I'm only saying this because there's always a few high-and-mighty gamers that come around saying "oh, here we go...PS3 fanboys can't take a bad review...blah blah blah."

But here's the thing. I have never played a single MGS game, and I am NOT "bored and confused" with MGS4. And if I was? Guess what, they gave us all a free MGS database to download through the PSN. So I could go read up on the past games there if I wanted to.

Are the cutscenes long? Yes. Are they boring and misplaced? I don't think so, but other people do. If you are one of the people that do, I hope you're able to enjoy the game despite it, because it's the best one I've played on the PS3 yet.
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