Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Tools of Creation

MWEB GameZone writes: "Dragon Age: Inquisition is angling to be the go-to RPG of the new console generation. After showcasing their new character creation tools it would seem that Bioware may just achieve that goal.

Everything you need to know about the character creation process in Dragon Age: Inquisition."

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plut0nash1540d ago

How similar is this to the first game?

CongoKyle1540d ago

I hated the camera in DA2. If they can make it similar to Origins (in terms of gameplay style) and offer a matched story line in terms of awesomeness!

Sillicur1540d ago

Totally agree, one of the absolute best RPGs i have ever played is origins, so DA2 was a dissapointment :( Hopefully it is more in line with origins

plut0nash1540d ago

I wanted more real-time combat. The story kept me going though.

anticlimax1540d ago

This is exactly Bioware's problem. The fanbase is totally divided between tacticals and actionistas.

They say they've done both, but I'll play the keyboard and mouse tactical UI at a friend before I buy.

Developers who claim to please everyone are usually kidding themselves.

plut0nash1539d ago

Anticlimax: I rate that ME3 did action well, better than expected.