Scalebound is (probably) an open world action game

What on earth is Scalebound, Platinum Games’ new Xbox One exclusive? We don’t actually know, but we got some pretty broad hints at TGS 2014.

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christocolus1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I'm really excited about this one. The part about forming a bond with your dragon sounds fantastic.
Can't wait to see gameplay but until then, i guess im stuck with the e3 reveal trailer.have watched it so many times I basically have it stored in my brain.. PG&MS I'm counting on you.pls don't mess this up.

Orbertron1205d ago

I'm sure it will be ok just look what they did with metal gear: Revengeance and that was 18 months work with one of the best soundtracks, so i don't have high hopes, i just know i will like what ever they do, if Bayonetta and Vanquish are anything to go by what to expected, we are going to get our moneys worth of crazy and love it :)

Edward751205d ago

@ obertron

I agree, everything they have touched, everything, I have enjoyed. More people need to play games like Vanquish, and bayonetta. Platinum games doesn't seem to make a dud. Even at its worst, it will be a decent game. I just hope it comes out sooner rather than later.

Dark111205d ago

Yeah X1 and Wii U owners are lucky to have PG making game for their consoles.

xxx_Solid_Snake_xxx1205d ago

yeeeeeh open world with dragons :)

PCBOX1205d ago

Please tell me who the hell even mentioned before that it is gonna be a "time exclusive"? Waiting an answer

By the way MS realy trust XO's hardware which most exclusives from MS are OW.Realy intereseting thing.Hope to see any gameplay soon.

ScorpiusX1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Say who and please don't use Ryse or DR3 as example provide a source that actually stated that. personally hope IP is owned by MS.

DanzoSAMA1205d ago

go play some indie or TLOU again Lol.

Mystogan1205d ago

Scalebound is a Microsoft IP... It will be on Playstation as soon as the Last of Us will be on Xbox.

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Eonjay1205d ago

I think their next showing will be gameplay. I think I understand what he means by not "pure action" like Beyonetta. But he also says that the trailer give hints about the game. Even the headphones will play a part. He also confirms that this is a fantasy setting, and that monster battles will be large and dynamic. Obviously, we need a gameplay trailer to see how it all fits together.

DarkOcelet1205d ago

I was like in the beginning , why the heck would you write such a comment when we already know its exclusive then i looked at the comment above you :/ ... Competition is great for both parties and hopefully the game sells well because Platinum games are an underrated studio .

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