Battlefield 4′s Biggest Game Update Is Here, Now Rolling Out on PC and Other Platforms

MP1st - Battlefield 4‘s most significant game update yet is now beginning to roll out on all platforms.

Origin users on PC are reporting that notifications to download the patch — 1.16 GB is size — are now popping up. Though size may vary from platform to platform, the update is also on course to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 throughout the day.

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itisallaboutps1508d ago

Information gathered during the may testing thing for pc? Haha wtf? So what was the beta for?

I am glad they are grttung things sorted out. But we gamers move on.

I feel like after all the abuse from game developers this early gen season. We will be a bit more feisty and careful when it comes to hype

KwietStorm1508d ago

They've been running the community test environment, CTE, on PC for months. Much good has come from it, and this is the result.

XBLSkull1508d ago

They need to do their map pack releases quicker. I paid for premium but don't even care to play the last one and barely touched the last 2. I'm just over the game at this point it has been so long. Release a pack every month then just patch the game as needed. I feel like I wasted money buying premium now.

BlackWolf121508d ago

Battlefield 4 is going to have twice the lifetime that COD has. COD releases map packs every 2 or 3 months.

If DICE releases map packs too quickly then players will end up burning out quicker. Staggering the release gives players a reason to keep coming back for a longer time.

CloudRap1508d ago

Finally no more visual recoil! Too bad Im about to go pick up Forza Horizon and Shadow Of Mordor, BF4 will have to wait till I get bored of them.

Majin-vegeta1508d ago

Just gave it a go.Best patch to date.

Razputin1508d ago

This is an amazing list of fixes for Battlefield. Any gamer would be extremely ecstatic to see this huge list of issues being patched.

Too bad it's almost a year later. I loved this series, but it is officially dead to me

nX1508d ago

Any gamer would've been a year ago. The servers are almost dead now, not many will care about this.

Clown_Syndr0me1508d ago

Not on PS4 theyre not, this is good news.

CloudRap1508d ago

Theres more people playing it on ps4 than ghosts, the servers are not dead wtf

Pandamobile1508d ago

Tell that to the 32,253 people playing on PC at this very moment.

Or the 20,900 on PS3.
Or the 11,651 on XBox 360.
Or the 4,686 on Xbox One.
Or the 19,702 on PS4.

nX1508d ago

^Well how much was it before the patch? I just remember logging in about 3 months ago and I couldn't find any CTF servers with more than 25 people in it. I literally said to my brother "That's the last time I'm launching BF4" even though I have Premium and more content was on the horizon.

I might give it a shot after Final Stand launches but still I'm very disappointing with this game and it's development.

Hellsvacancy1508d ago

I NEVER have a problem finding a game on the PS3

If the patch improves the game I might actually buy some of the dlc, i've yet to buy any of it

What map pack would anyone recommend to me?

ian721507d ago

Dragons teeth... . Naval strike .... China rising are all good maps.. second assault if you like BF3 maps....and not seen much of end game, last map pack yet.....basically they are all good though.....I enjoyed them all.... :-)

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jriquelme_paraguay1508d ago

Finally... they maybe finished the game

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The story is too old to be commented.