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"Imagine if JK Rowling wrote her next novel on the side of a speeding lorry. Not while it was speeding, impressive as that would be, but imagine if, in some weird avant-garde experiment, she decided to pen Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis on a plain white truck trailer and then drove it around the country for people to read as it passed. How long would you follow it, craning your neck out of the car window and squinting at the permanently markered words, before you decided it was no longer worth the trouble?"

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wallis1511d ago

It's a bit of a harsh review. I liked the game but I did find it unbearably repetitive. If you can get past a linear structure you'll find the spell system quite worth it. I'd say more of a 6 or a 7 out of 10.

Still, if the devs have any sense they'll take their spell system, touch it up a little, and put in an open world for a sequel.

And for the love of God they should drop that stupid lichdom part of the name.