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"Propelled by the runaway success of recent Telltale Games titles, adventure gaming is primed for a critical and commercial renaissance. Meanwhile, the BBC’s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes -- appropriately titled Sherlock -- has been one of the network’s most popular shows of recent years, and CBS’s Elementary hasn't done half-bad, either. In the middle of all this, Frogwares’ line of Sherlock Holmes games somehow hasn’t found the same audience." - Joe Garcia, Stealthy Box

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ps4fanboy1540d ago

Anddddd.... another game I want! :( I wish I had Justin beavers bank account!

averagejoe261540d ago

Lolz this game is soooo much better than destiny lol what a cod clone lolz

This Sherlock Holmes game is so original and innovative!!


--bienio--1540d ago

I might try this game. I just wait for steam sale. Too many games!!

HighResHero1540d ago

Hoping for a GOG release. Really liked the original stories.

lemoncake1540d ago

This game has got much better reviews than I thought it would, I really expected it to be crap. But now it's looking like being one to add to the purchase list.

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