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The Sherlock Holmes games have come a long way since they first appeared on PC in 2002 with The Mystery of the Mummy. The series took a major step forward when it left its traditional point-and-click style it was known for in place of a more modern 3D perspective when it released The Testament of Sherlock Holmes in 2009. Crimes & Punishments is taking another step in modernizing the game, while making it more appealing to a wider audience, by letting you take full control of Sherlock Holmes, and in some cases Watson, or Sherlock’s dog Toby.

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urwifeminder1536d ago

Nice I always liked these games , as I enjoy the old Sherlock tv series form the 80s and 90s he actually solves crimes nothing like the xgames Sherlock with iron junkie .

seupai10851536d ago

You'll definitely be solving crimes with this one. lol.

Meltic1536d ago

Didn't they learn something from LA NOIRE ?. The voice acting is so bad so its enjoying. Isnt this next gen ?... a great voice acting is nice so it feels realism.