The Mortal Kombat X Character Clue Everyone Missed

Despite Mortal Kombat X being almost seven months away, series creator Ed Boon is hell-bent on stirring up speculation the entire way. He made two tweets on Sept. 25 that have his followers going bonkers. But the biggest tease of them all, hidden behind a wave of Ed Boon smokescreens, was subsequently missed by everyone.

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ceballos77mx1508d ago

I guess freddy krueger is now a permanent character on the MK series

Vengeance11381508d ago

Heavily doubt that's Kreuger, again. Most likely another brand new character.

DFogz1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I wouldn't read much into the selection screen silhouettes. More than likely Ed Boon being his usual troll-ish self and putting any random silhouettes in there.

After all, Raiden has been confirmed and his silhouette isn't in there (that hat is pretty instantly recognizable)