Destiny Exotic Weapon Bounty Complete Guide

In Destiny, when completing Vanguard and Crucible bounties at Level 20 for Xander 99-40 in the Tower, Guardians will sometimes be offered rare Exotic Bounties. These bounties, which are extremely hard-to-come-by, demand players complete a series challenging tasks in reward for a guaranteed Exotic weapon. Unlike most other things in Destiny, completing these Exotic Bounties guarantee you an Exotic Weapon, so there's no fear of wasting your time.

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lisamorgan41511d ago

I picked up Bad Juju the other day, I was a little disappointed, but read Bungie are tweaking its fire power a bit more. It would be such a shame since the name is so freaking epic. LOL.

ginalee5541511d ago

Nothing beats Invective, its one shot-gun that pack one hell of a punch to the face.

BOOM! Goodnight.

Conzul1511d ago

Meh, I dismantled my Invective for parts.

Not that it sucked, mind you, but because Fusion Rifles pretty much antiquate shottys in Destiny. Much prefer my Bad Juju. That gun is like a mini game itself - how many kills can you get before forcing a reload? Heh. Much fun. But Vex harpies don't count toward your killchain, which is weird.

Just got the Exotic Scout Rifle though. Sheesh, now I gotta level THAT up.

nX1511d ago

I'm currently working on Invective, got Pocket Infinity, Bad Juju and Super Good Advice from exotic bounties already. Still I use Suros Regime the most :S

GameSpawn1511d ago

I got Super Good Advice the other night myself. Leveling these suckers up takes some time though and a bit of Ascendant Energy farming.

I chose the machine-gun over the Fusion Rifle and one other because it was the fastest Exotic Bounty for me to complete, I didn't have to do ANY PVP (Crucible), and it was for a weapon I would actually use quite often.

If I had a chance for an Exotic Hand Cannon I would have been all over it like a fly on $&*#. When I started Destiny I used Scout and Pulse Rifles a lot for the amount of bullets you can put into enemies, but mid to late game I switched to Hand Cannons and holy crap are they over powered.

I currently have a rare (blue) Hand Cannon and a single head shot to ANY enemy up to level 16-17 insta-kills, and it has an 11 round clip as a bonus (most normal Hand Cannons are 4-6 rounds). I've nick named it the head popper and it is my go to gun for the head shot bounties.

Mega241511d ago

Bad Juju is great, once you achieve the upgrade of instant reload.

BattleTorn1511d ago

I chose Bad Juju as my first exotic bounty, LAST NIGHT!

ITPython1510d ago

I made a huge mistake when I took my first, and so far only, exotic bounty... I didn't research before choosing. I had assumed that I would just be given a random exotic no matter what bounty I chose, so I chose the bounty that seemed the easiest for me to accomplish. After I chose I decided to look it up... and sadly I ended up choosing the ONLY exotic weapon I would never use, the machine gun. Every other exotic bounty would have given me a weapon I would have loved and used, but go figure I would choose the worst one for me. That seems to be Destiny is a nutshell for me, especially when it comes to that troll they call a cryptarch.

I ended up abandoning the bounty, as it just wasn't worth the effort or time. I will choose better the next time an exotic bounty comes up (if it ever does again).

Unspoken1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )


Curious... Why would you not use one of the best machine guns in the game, especially when you can take shields down faster can do extra damage during certain nightfalls?

Rocket launcher is great and all but there are many scenarios where a machine gun will excel.

ITPython1509d ago

@Unspoken - I primarily use an auto rifle, and the MG just feels redundant in my arsenal. Plus once I got another exotic, like an AR, I would never equip the machine gun since only one exotic can be used at a time.

I made the decision to not bother with wasting a bunch of my time trying to get a gun I would likely never use, plus to upgrade it I would be wasting precious materials that take a LOT of time to build up (like ascendant materials, or motes of light etc). I would rather put the time and materials to better use, and thus the exotic MG just made absolutely no sense for me to get.

Christopher1510d ago

There's an exotic assault rifle I see tons of people running around with now solely because the stability is maxed out. PvP is quickly becoming less fun than it was, and it wasn't that fun to begin with.

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alvinmiller921511d ago

Dr Nope. Takes a licking and keeps on Killing.

yellowgerbil1511d ago

off topic, but why is it that the site is giving me a blank page telling me to visit burstmedia? I can only access the pending section of n4g

Frankskint1511d ago

Final Boss is the best exotic hands down. If you've got it and used it you will know what I mean.

henrythomas2841511d ago

Imagine being the guy in charge of naming these guns.

I know lets call this Gun Balls of Steel.

Conzul1511d ago

I wonder what such a gun would shoot? ... XD

Gh05t1511d ago

Balls of Steel (Shotgun - Secondary)
"Nut up or shut up"

KwietStorm1511d ago

I have a legendary sniper rifle called Final Boss. Are you sure you got the right name?

Revengeance1511d ago

Final Boss is a legendary sniper. But yeah I've used and it's definitely a "boss".

Cryptcuzz1510d ago

Are you talking about a different weapon, because I have a legendary sniper rifle with the same name and it's legendary (not exotic?)

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Intentions1511d ago

I've done 3 weapon bounties so far. Bad juju, machine gun, fusion rifle, doing the shotgun one at the moment.

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