Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation Detailed in New Video

Following today's lifestream, an official video has been released that goes in-depth in 1080p glory.

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ValKilmer1508d ago

Good lord this game is absolutely stunning. Has there ever been character creation so realistic?

brish1508d ago

People create real characters all the time but this isn't the type of forum to explain the birds and the bees on.

poppinslops1508d ago

Not since you starred in 'the Saint'...
(dons leather pants/long blonde wig, reclines)
"Do you like it?"

But yeah, this is the best I've ever seen...
Well done, Bioware!
Hopefully this translates to Mass Effect...

KnightRobby1508d ago

Val, you going to be in this rumored Top Gun 2 sequel or what?

mogwaii1508d ago

If you call a stick on beard realistic then no there hasnt, lol, but the rest of it looks great, so many details to fuss over.

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Ocsta1508d ago

Damn I cant freakin' wait to kill an hour on character creation alone...

poppinslops1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Yeah, it took me an hour or two to build a handsome Shephard (Mass Effect). LOTS of trial/error, false starts and photos of sliders...

Looking good should always be your #1 priority when preparing to save the Galaxy.

killzzo1508d ago

Finally, i can make my character look like Nicholas Cage or Christopher Walken

mogwaii1508d ago

Why oh why can they never get facial hair right?!

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