What The Queen’s Wrath gets right and wrong in Destiny

Despite the insurmountable amount of hype from across the gaming populous, including here at TZR, Destiny is an unequivocal disappointment. Its Metacritic rating on PS4 sits at a 77 (yes, I’m referencing Metacritic despite how unreliable a metric system it is) which aptly represents the divisiveness of how critics have received the game.

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Mega241511d ago

"The Queen’s Wrath vendor not only asks for your commitment, but they’re also only offering rare weapons instead of legendaries. So you mean to tell me that you want me to put my Crucible reputation grind on hold just so that I can waste my time for some measly RARE weapons? Get the fuck outta here."

This person is very misinformed. But here's the truth.
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"Completing these bounties also earns you a special currency, one specific to the Queen’s Wrath event, that you can spend with the Queen’s emissary, a new Tower vendor. As with Vanguard/Crucible, completing bounties eventually ranks you up. At rank one, you’ve only got access to cosmetic items — emblems and shaders, specifically — as well as a 10-percent boost to Queen reputation gains. The second rank unlocks unique class armor and powerful weapons for purchase, and the third rank opens up even more powerful weapons." -

CuddlyREDRUM1511d ago

When you level up to a certain level with the Queen, you have the choice of three weapons to buy from her emissary. All three are just rare weapons.

Source - Destiny game

Mega241511d ago

The third rep weapons are 267 Attk Power, which is way better then having the 242 ones. Better then anything if you are having trouble getting another rep up or just lazy and want everything given to you while not doing anything to earn it.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Can't break queens mission legendarys down for shards anymore, every legendary you get is class specific so putting in you're inventory for future different class builds is a no go. Also there's the fact that you can only get a helmet and chest piece ( no guantletes or leggings ) and a sniper rifle ( which is rediculously hard to get atleast for me, completed 10 queens missions and still no sniper rifle :( such a waste of time considering all you get for doing the mission is useless duplicates of legendary gear. Mise well do strikes and get vanguard rank/ rep instead to push getting to rank 3. Or do bounties and unlock exotic bountys. By making queens mission legendarys not break down into any ascended shards they've made it absolutely pointless to do the missions. Seems like Bungie keeps messing up when they're trying to fix stuff. They're so afraid of people maxing at level 30 and realizing without grinding destiny has zero content/story and substance. Funny how because ascended shards are impossible to get im going to be stuck at 27 forever and never get to even expierence the weekly night strike or raids.

Also at above why get to queen rank 3 when you can get to vanguard rank 3 which has every legendary weapon. So even with rank 3 queens items it's still pointless.

ninsigma1511d ago

I came up with a plan for getting those ascendant shards. Might not apply to you though. The weekend before last I got the helm of inmost light and I'm happy with that and don't want to change. So seeing as how I can only use 1 exotic armour at a time I can get strange coins during the week (can get a total of 9 from the weekly), try get to 13 and then use them on xur each weekend to get an exotic armour that I don't want and dismantle it for shards. It's pretty much the only sure way of getting them. Or you could save up for legendaries once you get to rank 2. Only costs 65 for legendary armour except for the helmet which is 120. Then break those down as well.

Predaking771511d ago

"Destiny is an unequivocal disappointment."

And yet, here they are writing articles about Destiny and playing Destiny.

Remind me of a friend that broke up with his girl friend and said: I don't want to know anything about her; and yet he was talking all day about her.

TM3331511d ago

No doubt. You can say that again:) It's like.."Destiny is the worst game ever! I've logged in 80 hours and....". How do these people expect to be taken seriously?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891510d ago

Just because you've logged 80 hrs doesn't mean it was enjoyable, some people like me are just super stubborn and figured I should atleast get to level 28/29 before I throw in the towel like all my friends. Cause I know if Bungie actually fixes the game and adds dlc im going to want to jump back in at some point and I dont want to be at a crap level when I do ; however getting to level 28/29/30 without having a giant horseshoe up you're ass or grinding for monthes until you're brain turns to liquid and you want to murder Peter dinklage for sounding like the biggest tool ever.

My theory of why there's so many level 28/29s out there is because they were smart enough to do every queens bounty/queens mission for legendaries that break down into three ascended shards at once. If you do the math and say you get 15 queen legendaries break them that's like 45 shards decide that by 6 and that's atleast two pieces of armor you can fully max out. Pisses me off that I foolishly thought Bungie intended for us to get shards for the queens mission legendarys since it's impossible to get many ascended shards. Bungie doesn't realize that the only cool thing about destiny is the idea of leveling up and getting cool gear maxed out without that game has nothing zero sunstance. Robot is lame and only has a few lines. Game is just so brain numbingly repetitive. Can't grind much longer for a game with zero substance.

Bungie was suppouse to sell me on why I should give a crap about the world of destiny is why should I fear and hate the darkness why should I respect the traveller or speaker. Why should I be a guardian for people in city I have not see. Or met any of the occupants. Why don't the fallen, cobal, vex, hive, have any identity ( don't talk don't know where their from or anything except they like to fight with anyone or anything ) even in halo the elites talked in some form. So much potential lost in Bungie crappy attempt at mystery that just ends up painting the futuristic humans as pathetic morons that know nothing about their enemy or savior. For all I care humans could get destroyed considering they're useless without the travellera mysterious power gifts and know absolutely nothing about the many things that threaten their existence. Also why can't I question PVE's for answers.