Downgrade? What Downgrade? Deep Down Still Looks Amazing In These New Videos

When the PlayStation 4 was first revealed a year and a half ago (has it only been that long?) during Sony’s February PlayStation Meeting event, undoubtedly one of the most impressive looking games that they revealed was Capcom’s Deep Down, which promised a true next generation action role playing experience. Unfortunately, multiple things happened after that- the game got delayed, and then re-revealed as a free to play game, alongside a new showing which looked significantly pared back from the ambitious February ’13 debut, then earlier this year, it got delayed again, and this isn’t to even mention all the long radio silences the developers go on regarding this game.

But any concerns you might have about how the game’s development is coming should be dispelled when you watch these gorgeous new tech demos for the game that Capcom just released. Yeah, they might make the wait for the game that much harder, but at least we know how it’s coming along, and that’s always great.

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Qrphe1541d ago

The lighting is definitely the most amazing part of this game.

IWentBrokeForGaming1540d ago

I would've freaking really loved this game, had they made it more like it originally represented the gameplay!

G20WLY1540d ago

How does it play now then?

Septic1540d ago

Yeah I would have loved it if it matched the first trailer.

Visually it looks like it can be done its just the direction of the gameplay and the mechanics that seem to have varied a lot since the first footage. Its not how I imagined it to be when I first laid eyes on it.

Still looks very impressive mind you.

PCBOX1540d ago

Sorry but I dont see any "noticeable" downgrade on DeepDown.The game looks stunning.The bad part is it'S being F2P.My jaw dropped on the floor the first I saw it on PS4 debut.

Wish it was a new Dragon's Dogma which I realy liked.Still the best looking game on PS4 imo.

isarai1540d ago

bring f2p doesn't make it inherently bad, Warframe proves that

ThanatosDMC1539d ago

Completely agree with you about f2p games but this is Capcom we're talking about.

generic-user-name1540d ago

I saw those "new" videos on an article here a day or 2 ago.

Genuine-User1540d ago

Capcom sure seems to be taking their time with this game.

Summons751540d ago

I'd rather they take their time for the best quality than rushing it for the worst.

Genuine-User1540d ago

True, but the game was announced almost a 20 months ago, we should at least have a release date.

Summons751540d ago

You do realize the average dev cycle is about 3 years any sooner and the game has a very high chance of being crap....look at Call of Duty with a little over 2 years time. They will announce a release date when it's ready to be announced and not a moment before.

Genuine-User1540d ago

Yeah I realise that but usually a game is revealed 5-10 months in development. It feels as if they revealed it while still in a concept stage.

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The story is too old to be commented.