Owner's PS3 Chokes On Game Disc

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 failed out of the box when a brand new retail unit was delivered to Punch Jump.
The PS3 was released to U.S. retail on Nov. 17.
The 20GB PS3, purchased at an online retailer, did not accept discs due to a malfunction in the self-loading disc drive.
A PS3 game disc and a DVD disc were unable to physically move into the drive, though the machine attempts to pull the disc in for several seconds.
The eject button and several reboot attempts failed to solve the disc drive malfunction.

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Lex Luthor4376d ago

This is a complete shambles. Imagine spending over $600 on a console, you take it home and find out that you can't even put the crap game into the damn drive.

If the console overheated then fair enough as it happens with new tech, but this seriously taking the piss; sony has reached a new low. I have never seen this happen ever.

Bebedora4375d ago

Do we talk about a launch console? A week after launch, and I have'nt heard of a resounding error of magnitude concerning the hardware as with the xbox360 launch.

Allso: Can you get a new one in that store? Otherwise I have to say: Shame on you Sony/store!

calderra4375d ago

Literally the morning after 360's launch, as soon as the Gamestop where I worked opened, a large percentage of customers were telling us how Microsoft had issued a recall on all launch 360s. They all claimed to have heard this official recall notice from reputable sources ("my friend"), and argued with the employees because they were so sure it was in progress.

There might have been an honest issues with the 360 launch, I don't know. But many retailers will tell you that even before people were actually seeing problems with the 360, huge swaths of consumers had already been convinced that it would have problems, and they weren't taking no for an answer.

It seemed fishy to me, everyone I worked with, everyone in our district, people we knew in other areas of retail...

NJ1307RSX4375d ago

Actually that's the $499 PS3, not the $600 model. Also this kind of thing happens when you launch a very cutting edge system.

Bebedora4375d ago

What I know of it, is that later after the whole hot heated issues, there came boxes saying : "tested and assured to work" on them suddenly. Well, that says somethings to me. I bet there were stories about the xbox, just widespread gossip and outright lies...I guess in war, love, and affaris everything goes. :)

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Boink4376d ago

the sound in that video is just painful...

Captain Tuttle4376d ago

Having the first post in your submitted article is classy!

PS360PCROCKS4376d ago

Lol that is a horrible sound to be honest, but why doesn't he try to like um push it in a little? I dunna that's a horrific sound though

Brandon4375d ago

every kind of hardware tv, computers, consoles, phones and so on have some faulty rates, last year x360 had some problems with heating, now wii have some problems with firmware update, and ps3 have some problems too it's an expected things not a news

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The story is too old to be commented.