The Conduit Game Manual writes "High Voltage Software studios has released the game manual for their 2009 game, The Conduit. The game's looking like it's going to be the next big FPS game for the Wii since Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Although we have to admit, their Mr. Ford doesn't look like he can stand two rounds with Samus." very, very cool, lots of info on weapons and enemies, check it out.

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Snipes203834d ago

shows off stronger art style than in the other screens and footage so far. I hope they can bring out the art style so the game doesn't look generic.

M_Prime3834d ago

nice read.. gives a lil more detail..

why do aliens always have to be bugs though? and why must they always be more advanced?

i want to play 1 game where the humans are the most advanced beings ever and squish everything.. and once you beat that they let you play the dumb alien side and the game gets interesting (i should copyright that)

mepsipax3834d ago

Well the aliens are more advanced in most cases because they are attacking us, but there are games where we kick the aliens asses, AVP 1 and 2 have good examples, but it would be interesting to play a game where humans invade another planet.

BrotherNick3834d ago

Haha, that sounds like a more fun idea, humans kicking tail.

cooke153834d ago

most of the aliens in halflife arent very advanced

Product3834d ago

ah i loved the arcade version on AVP.i was always predator though with the spear....the human and aliens sucked.Man that was what 92?

danger_ranger953834d ago

Hasn't anyone ever seen the movie Starship Troopers???

We were way more advanced than the bugs, they just had an abundance. But I agree...why do they have to be bugs all the time?

I have a game idea that would turn the adventure/puzzle industry upside down!

mepsipax3833d ago

well even though I sorta enjoyed the movie, the original novel had the bugs as half intelligent creatures that actually planned and attacked and devised things, I think we use bugs as for aliens mostly because of unoriginality, bugs look very alien and hostile towards us even though the majority of them are harmless, I think Crysis had very nice alien designs and what I also liked about the aliens in Crysis is that they were very weak (until they morphed with their suits) but developers need a reference point when creating believable creatures and while bugs are familiar to us they are still alien in a sense so developers can watch them and study their movements to create believable aliens.

jtucker783833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

You're spot on mepsipax, but I don't get the same enjoyment shooting bugs as I do humanoid creatures.

If you've had a hard day at work and people have been p1ssing you off shooting computer generated humans or humanoid creatures is a good way to unwind. You can imagine they are the guys that declined your payrise or scratched your car, then blast them in the chest. I don't get the same satisfaction with bugs or alien bugs.

A wasp got into my coke can once and that annoyed me, but it didn't make me want to go on a bug killing spree. Alien bugs have never really bothered me either.

I suppose people can associate with humans, even zombies at a stretch, because they look like humans. The further from human-looking aliens get the less you can empathise with them and the less you like them, or hate them or care about them.
Aliens just become cannon fodder because you blast through them. Who cares about creatures like metroids? Large floating electric jellyfish. Who gets satisfaction k1lling something you can't relate to?

Smacktard3833d ago

I facepalm'd at the part where they called Metroid and FPS.

BrotherNick3833d ago

FPS view, FPS controls, you can call it a puzzler too.

mepsipax3833d ago

FPS means First Person Shooter, and Metroid is more of an adventure game in my opinion it's in first person but not just a straightforward shooter, just like Oblivion is in first person but is an RPG and (hopefully) Fallout 3 isn't a First Person Shooter. but hey why split hairs over something as trivial as the genre of a game. (unless of course you are completly wrong like calling Splinter Cell a JRPG with platforming elements.

M_Prime3833d ago

but splinter cell is a JRPG with platforming elements.. its just translated very well and the.. u are playing the ROLE of SAM FISHER.. and i'm sure someone on the DEV team is Japanese... and i'm sure theres platforms somewhere in the..

lol.. okay if you call SPLINTER CELL A JRPG with PLATFORMING ELEMENTS maybe you should get your brain checked.

ChickeyCantor3833d ago

>_< Metroid = First person ADVENTURE.
The game isn't really about shooting up stuff, its about exploration.
If there was a first person adventure where you would be holding a wouldn't be calling it a FPS now would you?XD

Metroid Prime = FPA >=(
but yes, with Wii-FPS control scheme.

BrotherNick3833d ago

Actually yes sidar, First Person Stabber.

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