My Theory On The Leaked Destiny DLC Bug

Gamers Sphere says: "This is an intriguing little bug. Apparently, a couple of Destiny players have encountered an issue in which they are unable to play any missions, online or otherwise. Take a look at the leak below, and check out my theory on how the DLC will play out and where Bungie might be in development."

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jrshankill1508d ago

From the article....

"My theory is that the Strikes and Raids that don’t mention that a pack is required and don’t list a DLC name are already on the disc, waiting to be opened to players like the Queen’s Wrath and Vault of Glass were."

My theory is.. Pikachu.

--Onilink--1508d ago

they actually already are, the summoning pits one for example is part of an exotic bounty.

The strike is the same, its just higher levels and with another boss besides Phogot

linkenski1508d ago

Yes, the summoning pits for killing Xyor is part of a bounty, but the others that don't just read "EXPANSION X" are probably things that will be patched in without requiring you to buy a DLC and perhaps one of the raids take place in the secret area people found to be on-disc, and won't be DLC either.

Chances are also that DLCs will actually unlock new planets because in the game's current form the layout for the director is restricted to the four main areas, and therefore we can't see possible new planets via the hidden content glitch. Bungie mentioned Mercury and Saturn last year and I know the story is that Destiny got a massive overhaul with its story and structure after 2013 when the writer left, but chances are we'll still see Mercury and Saturn eventually.

UnHoly_One1508d ago

The picture he uses as an example of the level 26 strike on the moon is part of the exotic weapon bounty for the Thorn hand cannon.

No conspiracy about that one, it's on the disc, it's just part of a special mission and can't be accessed any other way.

IWentBrokeForGaming1508d ago

It was a hot Carl on the supporters of this franchise!

Gh05t1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

This makes no sense at all. So just because it says that you dont have the DLC pack its not on disc. What about it saying that makes you think its not on disc?

According to your premise that "Others, however, simply state that requirements are not met. Think about the Vault of Glass. It didn’t require a download; it just needed to be unlocked." Would almost go in FAVOR of the fact that it may already be on disc but need to be unlocked not the other way around.