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Gamer Headlines writes: “Let’s be clear: Hyrule Warriors is not the next entry in the traditional Zelda franchise nor should it be. It has the core elements of Dynasty Warriors mixed-in with beloved elements from The Legend of Zelda, which, surprisingly, creates an experience that works very well. It certainly isn’t the most polished game of all-time, but its gameplay remains fun somehow even if you are constantly pressing the same buttons over and over again. Hyrule Warriors is the pinnacle of fan service for The Legend of Zelda enthusiasts, but there is fun to be had with it even if you don’t enjoy Zelda or the regular Dynasty Warriors games. It is an authentic game on its own that will keep you occupied for multiple hours if you can get passed the constant repetition. Ultimately, Hyrule Warriors is a great game that will keep Zelda fans occupied until the real Wii U Zelda game is released next year.”

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